Apple iOS 4.2 Release: Yet another golden master 4.2.1

Apple iOS 4.2 Release: Yet another golden master 4.2.1

For those of you who’ve been waiting for Apple’s iOS 4.2 there’s been a certain amount of frustration and we know just how many of you are avidly expecting it. We already informed you of the delay on the expected release date of November 12 because of a connectivity bug, and then told of the release of the second golden master version to developers’ last week.

After that we were expecting iOS 4.2 to make a fairly rapid appearance and yesterday posted a full installation guide for when the update became available. Yesterday 9to5 mac suggested it would be released at 1pm EST on that day but that never happened. Unfortunately it seems there is still a spanner in the works as now Apple has released another golden master developers’ version for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad, according to Eric Zeman over on Information Week.

The third golden master is iOS 4.2.1 (Build No. 8C138) and has been released to deal with aVoIP bug according to reports. It’s likely that developers will need to have iOS 4.2.1 for at least a few days to make sure the flaws have been ironed out so the final release to the public may be delayed a few days longer yet again. All we can do is be patient but that’s certainly easier said than done.

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  • John Long

    Its out next Tuesday, the 30th. freakin funny stuff with the Beatles tho :) makes me laugh.

  • dev

    10 more days….OMG

  • carl

    next tuesday aint the 30th -_-

  • OndEdge

    3rd Golden Release and Apple remains ‘mum’. I am sick of them treating us like sheep. The take our money for millions of iPads and then don’t give them the functionality of our iPhones. The iPad has been out for what? 8 months? They tell us of an update for Sept that then is pushed back to November. No ‘folders, no multitasking’. And they don’t even have the respect for the customers to say “We are having an issue with ABC. Bear with us so we can give you the service you deserve and it should be available on ‘insert date’. Hell no. They just have the nerve to leak out about iPad2 coming in the spring and a patent that it might have a carbon fiber case. All this 8 months our iPads are deprecating. Just give your hard earned cash to Steve and follow him blindly while you constantly check the Internet for updates that you were told would happen half a year ago. They then throw in some useless apps to try and pacify us. Airprint…come on. I purchased Print n Share months ago and works great for me. Plenty of Wi-Fi apps out there. Game Center I could care less about. I’m not a tween. Just respect your customers and say what’s up and when a fix will be ready. I jailbroke my iPad last week because I was so angry. I got some of the features I should have always had but I shouldn’t have to have voided my extended warranty to get them. I keep thinking class action suit. Or just say “Baaaa…”

  • OndEdge

    One more thing I am sick of you "Tech Writers" touting the advantages of this release and saying it is major upgrade. No it is NOT. iOS 4.2 is supposed to be a minor activation of the features the device was designed for. Hence that is why it went from 4.1 to 4.2. A major upgrade would bring it to 5.0 and you know that. Stop being Steve Job's lap dogs and tell it like it is. That is one reason I mention a class act suit. Don't get me wrong. I love Apple products. As an electrical engineer, they are a fantastic design. OSX is a great platform. The problem is Management. When they issued a 'Day you would not forget' last week' I was hoping not for the Beetles (which is cool but I have there music) or 'cloud streaming' as some reported. I hoped that Steve Jobs would have dropped his arrogance and gave the 'OK' to Adobe Flash or he could have embraced Blue Ray Technology (Like all the movie production have) or said 'Let's go with USB 3.0'. All of which he uses his 'Power' to control (and I feel limit) Apple as well as the industry as a whole. I'm 'new' to Apple having converted from PC a year and a half ago. Since, I bought a 27" IMac loaded, with a printer, two iTouches, an iPod, two 3GS iPhones and an iPad. Lest not forget 789 apps off their store. Oh, and my biggest mistake and one Apple still can't fix software wise is a family addition of Mobile Me. They have already return 60% of the cost because I purchased it to do one thing. Sync a Family (meaning one) Calendar between the devices. Were each of my family members could edit and add their info into one Calendar. After untold hours and speaking with at least a dozen 'experts' they still can't figure out why it will not work. The first 4 months I had it they said it wasn't designed for that. Then. Why sell a Family Addition for $$$. By the way, no Tech Writer seemed to notice or write that on the 'Day you won't forget' that Apple stock fell $5.80. Maybe some people on Wall Street feel the same way.

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