Samsung Galaxy Tab: Price plans – making a comparison

Samsung Galaxy Tab: Price plans – making a comparison

We’ve been keeping readers informed for a while now about the Samsung Galaxy Tab which has really impressed a lot of people as a viable contender to the Apple iPad. Only recently we’ve posted about the official accessories available as well as making a comparison between it and the BlackBerry PlayBook tablet device due out next year.

We also took a brief look at how much the Galaxy Tab would cost you from Verizon and T-Mobile but now we’ve spotted a great article by Ross Miller over on Engadget that will help any of you wanting to purchase a Samsung Galaxy Tab during this holiday season. There’s a complete pricing plan comparison table to look at which gives every detail you could need to make an informed purchase.

Carriers listed are AT&T, T-Mobile, Sprint, Verizon and US Cellular and the pricing table details the costs both on and off contract, along with other details such as activation fees, smallest and largest data plans, price per 200MB, best price per MB and more. They’ve even worked out the two-year cost for each carrier available in the U.S.

For more on this go to Are you looking to buy a Samsung Galaxy Tab during the holiday season and which do you think is the best price plan for your needs? We’d be interested in your thoughts on this so feel free to send us your comments.

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  • Bbruins

    I have been following the development and release (finally in Canada yesterday) with great interest. I am not technically inclined, I want something simple that can do everything I need, including make phone calls. This is my biggest frustration. I need internet access and I use a cell phone typically in the car, to call clients and check my voice mail messages while on the road. Yes, using Skype is an option, but the ONLY reason I did not purchase a Tab yesterday (finally got to use a demo model) is due to the fact that it wasn't created for phone calls, ideally with a head set, or speaker. WHY WASN'T IT?? I also read that the Playbook will be the same, why would I want a Blackberry and a Playbook? I simply want ONE tablet that can make phone calls.

  • Joe

    Why would someone appreciate a cell phone sized like Galaxy Tab or iPad? Strange, doesn't it. Please drive safely and focus on the road rather than the Tab or Pad!


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