Exciting Apple iTunes announcement tomorrow: Intrigued? – We are

Exciting Apple iTunes announcement tomorrow: Intrigued? – We are

Earlier today we told how we felt that Apple’s iOS 4.2 may be imminent after finding out that today Ping has been made available on the iPad. When Ping was made available for the iPhone and iPod Touch it coincided nicely with the launch of iOS 4.1 and so the news of a release for iOS 4.2 sounds more promising.

Along with learning that Ping for the iPad is now available we also told how Ping now has Twitter integration too. Now, neither of these things merited any announcement from Apple and yet we hear from Samuel Axon over on Mashable that today a message on iTunes reads, “Tomorrow is just another day. That you’ll never forget. Check back here tomorrow for an exciting announcement from iTunes.” That’s certainly an announcement that’s going to get a lot of people talking. We noticed the times on the clocks of the message read 3:00 pm in London, that’s 10:00 pm in New York.

Mashable points out it could be a music subscription service or that maybe a web-based iTunes is in preparation. However it sounds to us like it could be really big news and we are as intrigued as many others as to what’s coming.

For more on this go to mashable.com. What do you think the Apple iTunes announcement could be? We certainly can’t wait to find out and we’ll bring you more news when we do but in the meantime we’d like to hear your thoughts and comments about this.

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  • http://twitter.com/d3mncln3r @d3mncln3r

    3 PM in London is 10 AM in NY…

  • Simon Jackson

    How about it being the Mac App Store

  • snguyen

    NY time will be 9am (CA 6am) when the announcement is given in UK at 3pm http://www.apple.com/uk/

  • debbielt

    You're quite right this is a typo as I meant 10:00 am. Thanks for pointing this out.

  • asgar

    May be song Preview increased to 150seconds

  • brett

    the beatles on itunes

  • Jerad L

    it is unlikely to be the Mac App Store as Mac Apps won't provide much benefit to the Snow Leopard system. The Mac App store will likely roll out with Lion next summer.

  • Will Peters

    BINGO! Just in time for the holidays.

  • Bryan

    pricing may be cut back to 99. or less!!!!

  • Alex

    thts wat i thot 4 a second… but thts not news apples never done this kind of teaser before so i think it shud b something new

  • simon


  • Trissa

    Steve Jobs already said they (Apple) were going to release the mac app store early (with in 90 days- from their October announcement). Why write about something you know nothing about?

  • Koaten

    That's what I thought at first, but it say from iTunes…

  • pact

    stream live music for a membership fee, like pandora

  • Arson

    The Beatles is coming to iTunes

  • Jason

    boooh! Already forgotten. What a let down… a real rotten Apple.

  • Steve

    what a waste of time. you suck Steve

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