Skyline Movie Review Round-Up: Disappointing Response

Skyline Movie Review Round-Up: Disappointing Response

The new alien invasion-based science-fiction movie “Skyline” opens up in theaters across North America today (Friday, November 12th), so we thought we’d take a look at a few of the already-released reviews to see what the critics have to say about the new film.

Firstly I took a look at a review from otownrog over at This review describes “Skyline” as a “special effects experiment in search of a movie.” The reviewer says that there is no urgency in the storyline, and the acting is more suited to television than a movie.

Next up is a review from, which doesn’t rate the movie that much either. This review says that the screenwriters appear to have just recycled complete scenes from other blockbuster movies, and put them all together to create a basic story documenting alien invasion.

This review finishes off by saying that the movie may keep you entertained for the 92 minutes running time, but as soon as you walk out of the theater you would have forgotten about it. The final review I read was from Megan Lehmann over at

Unfortunately, this review rates the movie even worse. Dreadful acting is one of the things I picked up on, as well as bad dialogue and an astoundingly stupid screenplay. This reviewer describes “Skyline” as “a joyless slog through indecipherable action and even murkier cinematography.”

You can read the full reviews via the links provided above. Feel free to let us know what you think of the movie if you do go and watch it.

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  • sham

    skyline is pathetic ,kindly please avoid this movie at all cost

  • Dan Matucci

    A piece of crap. The movie had potential up to the atomic strike, but, then quickly degenerated into pure garbage.

  • Guest

    Whooo, a comment and such is made by me.

  • hooray

    God, everyone involved in making this disgrace owes me 18 bucks. Where to begin?

    Can hippiewood please give us male leads who don’t look like heroin junkee, metrosexuals?

    and how about script writers? The best scene in the movie was the girl being upset over second hand

    Smoke as the rest of the city is being vacuumed up by alien brain eaters. Yea that second hand smoke’s

    gonna kill ya sweetie. Lol. Hint to writers, if you don’t want the ship destroyed by a nuke…..its called

    Force shields? Your answer was pathetic due over?

    Now at least the baddies in babylon 5 used brains as the central processor of their vessels, and

    independence day they were here for our resources.

    why were your baddies here for? I really couldn’t tell if they travelled god knows how many light years

    For a human brain snack or what?

    Whatever, don’t waste your time on this. I wish I could get my time back.

  • DaddyDubya

    This movie never explained anything, or allowed you to assume anything. The story line was awful, it was shot almost entirely inside a condo, on the roof-top and in the garage of the condo. Just when it get to not bore you the credits start rolling and you are convinced, There is a sucker born evey minute, and this sucker just paid money and wasted his time seeing the worst movie ever produced.

  • Tech5

    its a love story with a twist……ok im talking out my ass
    what i take on it is the borg asimilating earth and a rouge drone stopping them and then it endes and now we will have to pay good money when the sequal comes out just to see what happens…..think ill wait for the sequal to make it to video and then download it from the net in like 2 years….great potential …..but wasnt worh my money to go see

  • LesleyM

    Total waste of time and money. This movie was the worst thing I've seen in years. Plot? None that I could discern.

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