COD: Black Ops Problems: Multi-Platform Patches in the Works

COD: Black Ops Problems: Multi-Platform Patches in the Works

The highly-anticipated “Call of Duty: Black Ops” game finally arrived in stores this week, but its launch hasn’t necessarily gone as well as everyone hoped. In fact, since the game was released, gamers have been experiencing a variety of problems.

However, according to Oliver over at, community manager Josh Olin took to his Twitter page recently, to address the issues that PS3 gamers have been experiencing and to announce that Treyarch is currently working on patches for all platforms.

PC gamers have been experiencing serious lag problems on both single-player and multi-player modes of “Call of Duty: Black Ops,” while PlayStation 3 gamers have been subjected to many issues. In the meantime, Olin asked for patience from gamers worldwide.

Some of the issues that players have been experiencing with “COD: Black Ops” include a “care package glitch,” in which users are able to get an infinite number of Sentry Gun, Care Package and Sam Turret killstreaks, and users stats and ranks being wiped out on multiplayer.

You can read more via What problems have you been experiencing?

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  • Fred

    Cannot get multiplayer game to work consistently. Sometimes it does, mostly it doesn't. I have the wii version.

  • Gun The Legend

    Blck ops is Amazing people need to stop moaning…. Gun The Legend

  • Black Ops Rules

    Black ops is amazing, but would be even better without lag

  • COD master

    What the sheep dont see….

    This is all planned. If the game was delivered in a perfect working condition people would still complain about the VERY POOR graphics, sound, gameplay, multiplayer options, etc. Now the focus is all shifted towards the so called "LAG" problem… people will look past all the problems of the game as long as its just running. You are being undersold through strategic marketing… YOU ARE BEING UNDERSOLD THROUGH STRATEGIC MARKETING. I had to say that in caps so some people get it. Good day

  • Jason

    black ops is awful, mw2 is sooooo much better

  • emma

    when i play some games it is saying i havent and i lose a level if i leveled up in that game also been making ps3 freeze and its only a week old ps3 320gb plus many other problems like not letting me on the game

  • adeel

    black ops is a good game but the graphics suck if treyarch could make a patch to fix all this I would play the game but for now WTF!!!!!!!!!!!! is this bullshit I payed £45 for this. I could not believe it but dont get me wrong the single player and zombie mode r good. But its all about online the graphics look like cartoons the guns look crap. And the sound is horrible really horrible. They should should have just left it with INFINTY Ward who are much better.

  • dan

    if the game was working then i wouldn't complain.

  • rory

    Looks like a good game if I could get it to run properly. I tried every fix I could find so far and no luck. It needs patched up.

  • BS Caller

    "people would still complain about the VERY POOR graphics"

    You must be playing the Wii version.

  • yea…na

    haha you dont know much about anything do you bro?

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