F1 Brazilian Grand Prix 2010: Jenson Button threatened by armed men

F1 Brazilian Grand Prix 2010: Jenson Button threatened by armed men

We’ve been keeping you informed about the Brazilian Grand Prix 2010 and told already of qualifying and where to find online streaming, but this is one piece of news we didn’t expect to be bringing you. It appears that Formula One racing driver Jenson Button has had a very lucky escape after being threatened by armed men with machine guns as he was being driven back to his hotel after the qualifying yesterday.

The Formula One World Champion had left the circuit and was with his father, physiotherapist and manager in an armoured vehicle when the attack happened. Button told how they were driving near a shanty town in slow, busy traffic, when they were approached by the men, according to Osman Baig over on Sky News.

Jenson told the Mail on Sunday that when he first noticed a man, “I said ‘isn’t that a gun?’ and as soon as I said that, the driver angled the car and floored it. That’s when we saw six men, all of them brandishing machine guns.” He went on to describe his driver as a “legend” for the way he sped from the incident using avoidance techniques and got them all safely away and added that he didn’t know if the men knew who they were ambushing.

McLaren issued a statement and said there would be extra security provided for Button and other McLaren Mercedes personnel to the Interlagos circuit in Sao Paulo today where incidentally Button is starting eleventh on the grid. For more on this go to sky.com. If you have any thoughts on this story then please feel free to send us your comments.

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