Facebook Mobile Event today: Live blogs and worldwide times

Facebook Mobile Event today: Live blogs and worldwide times

Since the announcement was made last week of a Facebook Mobile Event to be held today, Wednesday November 3, there’s been a good deal of speculation about exactly what might be revealed. The event being held at Facebook’s Palo Alto headquarters is leading a lot of people to think that a Facebook phone may be revealed.

Rumors have circled for some weeks about a Facebook-branded handset but a Facebook spokesman was quick to quash the original speculation by saying, “building phones is just not what we do,” according to Josh Lowensohn over on cnet. The event is due to start at 10:30 am PT and if you want to find the equivalent time for wherever you are in the world check the fixed time converter here from timeanddate. You’ll see the time will be 1:30 pm in New York, 5:30 pm in London etc.

If you want details of live blogging then cnet is providing coverage here. Alternatively ever-reliable Engadget is also offering live blogging here. We’ll be following the events and will bring you news later about exactly what is announced.

What are you hoping to see announced at the Facebook Mobile Event? We’d be interested to hear from you so feel free to send us your comments.

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