Colorado Senate Race 2010: Buck and Bennet Facing Possible Recount

Colorado Senate Race 2010: Buck and Bennet Facing Possible Recount

Many predicted that the 2010 Colorado Senate race would be a tight one, and it looks like it has definitely lived up to its expectations. As of midnight on Tuesday, the candidates – Democrat Michael Bennet and Republican Ken Buck – were only a few thousand votes apart and facing a possible recount.

According to (sourced from The Associated Press), neither side was able to declare victory, with the votes standing at around 47 percent each. Reports say that the race came within a half of a percentage point, which means that it would head to a recount under state law.

Michael Bennet claimed 5,140 votes – 58.8% – in Routt County, Colorado, while Buck claimed 3,595 votes (41.2%). Many Republicans couldn’t understand why the U.S. Senate race was as close as it was, amid what they believed to be widespread Republican momentum.

Democrat Bennet – who was appointed the State Senate seat last year, filling the term of former Democratic Senator Ken Salazar – is currently seeking his first full term in Senate. Bennet’s campaign spokesman Trevor Kincaid said that they had been seeing a lot of support for Michael across the state.

You can read the full story via You can read about the 2010 Midterm Election Results here.

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