US Election Day 2010: America heads to the polls

US Election Day 2010: America heads to the polls

Today, Tuesday November 2, it’s U.S. Election Day 2010 and the midterm elections will see people across the country turning out at the polls to cast their votes. If you’re unsure of the procedure for voting see our previous article here where you can find all the information that you need. There could be some real upsets in the results of these elections as the country has seen a lot of unrest due to the economic crisis.

Even though it’s normal for some seats of the ruling party to be lost in the midterms, more than usual are predicted to be lost because of the high amount of dissatisfaction about the state of the country presently. An article over on Voice of America reports that it’s possible that the Republicans will gain control of at least one chamber of Congress as a poll yesterday showed they have a bigger lead just before a midterm vote, than either party since 1974.

The poll by USAToday/Gallop found that 55% of the people surveyed said they would be voting Republican. Apparently analysts say that they expect the Republicans to gain control of the House of Representatives, but not to gain a majority in the Senate.

Meanwhile Tom Cohen over on CNN reports that the shift in the seats from the election today “could rival or match historic levels dating back decades.” A CNN/Opinion Research Poll showed that on the eve of the election 75% of Americans felt that things were going badly in the country, that’s more than at any time since the question was first asked in the 70’s. The poll also indicated that the economy is the most important area of concern for most Americans.

We’d be interested in your thoughts about the midterm elections 2010 so would welcome your comments. Maybe you voted Democrat at the last election but will vote Republican this time as a protest about the state of the country, or of course you could still feel that Obama is making the best of a difficult situation. Whatever your views, we’d like to hear from you.

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  • Raphael Nzirubusa

    Time Magazine should figure out a way to out the evil face of the media in America. 75% of Amricans are saying that things are going badly? Where the transparency on this? Who they blame Obama? The media is interested in fights, in reality TV, in casuality, …. how comfortable for CNN, ABC, NBC, to repeat scripts from FOX News? It's coward, it's ashameful; the media has sold us the Iraq war; the media is repeating Palin's view, that of the tea party: America is better off if she becomes less educated; she will be better off without New York, San Francisco, Boston ,Chicago, Miami, LA, Seattle, Denver, Detroit, St Paul, St Louis, Philadelphia,Austin, Dallas, Portland, Omaha, DesMoine, Harvard, Standford, Yale, MIT, University of Chicago, every elite university and their towns. America wil lbe better off if led by Sara Palin, Linbaugh, Hannity, Tea Party.


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