Caprica TV Series Canceled: No Season 2

Caprica TV Series Canceled: No Season 2

If you just happen to be a fan of the “Battlestar Galactica” prequel series “Caprica,” we have some rather disappointing news for you. It appears that the science-fiction drama has been canceled by the Syfy network, after not even a year on our television screens.

As reported by, the series – which stars Eric Stoltz – made its U.S. debut back in January of this year, and then returned in October after taking a mid-season hiatus. However, it now looks like fans of the show will have to wait until 2011, to watch the final 5 episodes.

TV bosses decided to cancel the Syfy series with immediate effect, due to the decline in viewing figures. This of course means that there will be no season 2. A spokesman for Syfy said that the network appreciates all the fans’ support they have given for “Caprica.”

He then went on to say that despite the quality of the “Caprica” series, the show has not been able to build a big enough audience to justify a second season. Fans will be able to see the final episodes of season 1 in the first quarter of next year.

Are you a fan of the “Caprica” show?

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  • DaveB

    WHAT! The fans have to suffer yet again because the programming directors have once again screwed up. When will they get it through their heads that putting a show on "hiatus" is what KILLS the fan base? The show is getting under way, character development is occuring and then just when its going to get good … BANG "hiatus". Great job Syfy you have just joined the ranks of Fox, CBS and NBC and not in a good way. You all know how to kill even the best shows by screwing up in the scheduling department. Why don't you fire whoever keeps putting the lame Ghost Hunters show on the air and get a real programming director in their place!

  • David

    Caprica was off to a slow start, but it was starting to fit together nicely. The term "momentum" comes to mind. I was willing to stick with the show and I will miss it.

  • Gabriel Zev

    Caprica was the best show offered by Syfy this year. Maybe there would be more viewers if it wasn't so late on a weekday night.

  • W Sales

    network people have no sense. look what happen to Star trek, network people did the same to them. All they are worrying about is money now. They are Pigs.

  • Not surprised

    not a shock. how can the viewers take interest in a show that seems to air on such a irregular basis ( an episode here, 2 episodes in a row there, oh time for 6 month break, then show a episode and take another month break).

  • C-Dog

    I agree with DaveB and W Sales– the people who are making these decisions are way off track

  • Allen

    Since I'm not a wrestling fan, I guess there is no more need to watch SYFY channel anymore.

  • lame-o

    why do they do this time and again… love how there isn't any more science fiction on that shit channel any more. they at least should give us a mini-movie to end it ( wow reminds me of another show Syfy fucked up – firefly )

  • Gary

    This sucks! The only show worth turning on my T.V. for is cancled! If you think I'll watch what ever else you put in this slot, think again.

  • stefan ingmann

    how low can they go…. battlestar galactica, flashforward and now caprica. we like these series cause you need some brain to enjoy them. if this trend goes on like this we´ll have formats on tv for the brainless. what a bright future. in some formats already a condensed version of our language is spoken app 1.200 words. 15-20 years ago we could communicate based on 2500 words.

  • Grogman58

    I am quite irritated that "SYFY" programming people choose to air wrestling programming while also choosing to pull the plug on one of the best programs on the air. I am an avid watcher of this channel, yet am torn that they have decided to end Caprica. With several month gap in between airing of episodes it is apparent why your fan base does not meet expectations. Leave the wrestling for the generic cable networks like USA and TNT, and make a more genuine effort to offer continuity in programs that actually fit the sifi genre. Bring this back before you erode the true Sifi base that this network was intended to satisfy.

  • scott

    Like Scifi, the SyFy idiocracy killed a great developing show!

  • Rae Barnett

    You people annoy the crap out of me. You can keep Wrestling on a channel that was made specifically for Science fiction viewers but god forbid that you would ever keep a good science fiction show. Here is a word of advice for your higher ups in the business, get your heads out of your asses and learn what it means to cater to the science fiction crowd. NBC you would not know good ratings if they bit you in the ass I never liked anything you have aired on your station and now it appears you are going to screw it up for those of us that enjoy this channel. I am sure that I speak for many people when I say thank you for nothing NBC. Jerks!

  • ROB Emery

    If these networks would stick to a scheduled time and night, keep it there instead of manipulating the audience with reruns and it will return in two weeks… maybe a series can remain.

  • Tom

    Great, now a sci fi CSI or political show will be approved by the Idiots for the slot. "Taking the pulse of the viewers", change your polling contractors.

  • Giving up TV now.

    wow. you guys broke my heart. This was a truly quality show in a sea of crap.

  • guest

    That was the only thing I was following on TV. To bad it is canceled.

  • G.W.

    It could have used a better time slot. Friday's worked with BSG. I guess they needed to make room for wrestling.

  • dude

    Someone at syfy doesnt like the producers of caprica so they are doing it intentionally….doesnt take a genius to see it.

  • Jon Taylor

    well now theres no more reason to watch SyFy anymore. I guess the big wigs at SyFy decided that all those horribly low budget movies with zero quality acting, predictable plot lines, and cheesy effects is a better choice than a TV show with a crew with a track record of producing quality thought provoking TV series. who knows what they're smoking over there.

  • patel

    oh no!! break again??

  • Nev

    I am a big fan of Caprica and was looking forward to seeing how their world evolved into Battlestar Gallactica. I am so disappointed that the series was cancelled. Maybe this whole story can be revisited in the future because the fans will always wonder what the story could have been.

    SyFy has other good shows but we fans need some Battlestar related stories. Give it another try. Remember, big numbers aren't always better. Good shows are better.

  • Victor

    SyFy is supposed to be for the fans. Caprica is a great show and I for one was there for every minute. I was one of the people who bought the DVD of the series premiere, the first day it went on sale. That's committment. The show was really opening up our imaginations and I was excited to see what would come next. Now we're left out in the cold. I don't know what is on the minds of the programming people but they clearly are out of touch with the fans and viewers with this decision. I didn't feel a real commitment from SyFy with this show and that is sad to me. Let the other networks be like the other networks. SyFy can do better.

    I say give it another try. let the numbers fall where they may. Renew the show and do it for a 13 week season then another season. Five seasons at least is what we need, 10 even. Hone it for the bean counters a little but stick to the spirit of the story. This can be a cult classic like Star Trek. A show that could live in syndication ad infinitum.

    I for one will write SyFy until they're sick of me or until they put it on. I hope the rest of you fans who read this will join.

  • Dave

    LAAAME! I don't have a lot of time to watch TV, but I had two shows regular and this was one of them. Maybe one reason the ratings were so low is because people didn't even know the season started! I just hapenned to find out by complete accident because it was still set up to record the series in my PVR.

    I call this a major Frak up at syfy. This was the most refreshing show out there and killing it is a mistake. Lame lame lame …. you guys hurt.

  • Teseract

    It's pretty obvious that the Scifi (excuse me, SYFY) high-ups have no clue. They play WWF wrestling on a channel that's supposed to be for science fiction/fantasy shows. The stupid "we'll play 10 episodes, go on hiatus, then come back" is idiotic too, it was supposd to only be for 3 months, instead it turns into 6+ months between runs.
    They cancel Stargate: Atlantis, and decide to make "direct to disc" movies, which never happen because MGM goes broke. By definition, their audience is people who are tech-savvy who all have DVRs or watch the shows on the web, and these don't get counted toward their "ratings", so in the long run just grandma and grandpa and mister redneck NASCAR fan with a Nielsen box get a chance to decide what shows stay on the air. It's ridiculous.

  • ROB

    WHAT THE FRACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THANKS SYFY

  • vox

    I was just getting into this show…now it's going off. Typical, and David B. is exactly right. When a show goes on "hiatus," especially a show that's just getting started, most of the time the show dies. And to Gabriel Zev, I agree. I don't know why the show wasn't on earlier, either.

    SyFy has become almost completely worthless, but hey, at least they have wrestling! Um…yay?

  • Cazzo

    It would be nice to see a shows in full seasons this half now cancel later shit is becoming annoying.

    sorry of my English not my first spoken

  • Bill

    “B” and “C” films, wrestling garbage, and chopped up series. These are certainly not the characteristics of a well managed cable channel or production house. “Caprica” is the latest victim, by preventing the first season from building a fan base, then claiming there’re insufficient viewers to even play out the last five episodes this fall. Had the same bunch of MBAs been in charge a few years ago, “Galactica” would have been cut to shreds.

  • Caprican

    Very disappointing!! The only show I worth tuning into syfy for was Caprica. I'm thankful the Candian's science fiction channel "Space" holds true to the science fiction community and will be showing these final 5 episodes THIS YEAR! I'd rather give them my viewing attention and plan on adding them to my satellite channel list if at all possible. I'm certain I'm not alone here but I no longer have a reason to tune in to syfy now because everything else on that channel is rubbish. But fortunately for SyFy they have wrestling, (seriously???) good science fiction pick there idiots! What a disgrace!! What's next for syfy American Idle? They might as well just close up shop there because the syfy network has been going down the tubes since they renamed it to syfy. BOYCOTT SYFY and don't waste another minute tuning into them!! Maybe it will help open some eyes since the brains don't work.

  • Karl

    Caprica was well written and well acted. What a disappointment in Syfy in cancelling the show, which likely was easy to do after the hiatus. I'm also VERY disappointed that the science fiction channel has died: how ignominious for a tight and coherent network concept to go down the tubes showing wrestling and other extraneous crap!

  • Peter

    This is stupid. This is A GREAT SHOW. Well written, great cast. What is wrong with you people. You blew it.
    Bring it back ASAP!!!!!

  • Bisclavret

    Worryingly low ratings?? SyFy only has itself to blame for that–no real promotional advertising to speak of, shuck and jive tactics of showing three or four episodes, then cutting off the fan base for an undetermined amount of time, leaving fans to wonder when or if the show would be returning and when, unbelievably stupid strategy (or lack thereof), unbelievably stupid programming tactics, and complete disregard for the fans. If Caprica is canceled, then I'm finished with SyFy channel. I wrote NBC off decades ago.

  • plowitunder

    One of the few shows worth watching – I suppose it had some potential depth it couldn't survive in the shallow waters of Syfy whose "y" stands for y bother.

  • dom1359

    Does anyone actually watch the dreck SyFy puts up there? Maybe Stargate? ST:TNG? How about getting some classic sci-fi at least, ie Space 1999? That aside, the hugely talented producers and writers flubbed their effort. It could have been so much more. sigh.

  • julie in wa

    SyFy you suck!!!! Big time. Wrestling on a sci-fi station; give me a friggin' break. Now the demise of "Caprica", one of the best shows out there. You lost this viewer when you changed the name of the station to the stupid lowest common denominator name to syfy. The Term is Sci-Fi, jerks. It stands for Science Fiction. No wonder we have to put up with wrestling, if you can't even understand that.

  • Yoshstar

    Caprica is now just showing the first season in Australia and as an avid fan of Battlestar Galactica I found Caprica a
    refreshing prequel to Battlestar. I wait every week with enthusiasm to watch this show but why bother now because
    some out of touch bean counter couldn't care less. How disappointing for some many loyal viewers

  • syfy?

    Caprica is truly a good quality and very well written show. Syfy will really vacuum feces and perish if it cancels Caprica.

  • no-mo-tv

    If Caprica goes, syfy will turn into crispy critter road kill.

  • adama

    Forget SyFy…. zero loyalty for the disloyal!

  • Dy-ing with SyFy

    I love to watch SyFy channel…but Ghost Hunter's doesn't thrill me. So I watched EVERY SG-1, most of the Battlestar Gallactica's, EVERY-Stargate Atlantis, I have watched EVERY -Caprica and have gotten into the storyline albiet alittle slow at times. But it is quality sci-fi ! I love the scripts and production values…now it goes ka-put? Whoever is making the programming decisions for SyFy needs to have their head examined. The channel is going to take a nose-dive with this current lack of programming and there is little of interest / reason to "surf and see" what is on. I used to have it on most every night….it is "just another channel with babble"….nothing new or cutting edge…or any edge at all. Looks like i will be waiting for Sparticus to start-up again on that premium channel because SyFy has disserted me!

  • Dy-ing with SyFy

    I have been a loyal viewer of SyFy for years….but I am finding less and less to view that is "SyFy" and they should be calling themselves WWF channel or the Poltergiest Channel with all the paranormal "junk" they are putting out. They have become more of a Horror Channel than anything else – very little real Sci-Fi by comparison. Sci-Fi seems to be Dy-ing on the channel.

  • Paul Colby

    This was much better than 90% of the crap on regular TV. The folks at Syfy are brain dead

  • DaveInCa

    Caprica was the ONLY thing I watched on the SyFy channel (formerly known as the SciFi channel). Please just close the channel entirely. Or change your name to WTF – sorry WWF.

  • Dr J

    Some of the STO story line dragged things down a little ( kinda like "John Henry" on Sarah Connor ) but the show is still one of the best shows on TV, equally on par with BSG. I hope someone at SyFy wakes up. We don't need more wrestling and grade B- 10 year old scifi movies. What regular show on SYFY out rates Caprica? That is about the only show I watch on that network, if its gone I will be too.

  • Michael Briggs

    I think it's time for a real science fiction network that respects its viewers.

  • mike

    did u ever consider people watching on their computer when they have time, because they work wierd shifts and cant watch normal tv…? so got hooked on caprica, grew up with the battle star gallactica thing and was just tying it together….,kinda like the missing episodes of star wars….was fitting everything together. Funny how u tv almighty can just decide to remove decent show and replace with the nanny……funny april fools only happens once a year but, u seem to take it to the next lvl…..put that in your pipe and smoke it….
    as always,
    fish teased by lure,
    now empty hook,
    waste of time,
    that was actually,
    reel gets tangled, u stand up to throw it, and fall in to my world… thats…..bait……:)

  • mike

    need to adapt ratings….to include those that watch on I phone, comp, dvr, or disc…….this world has changed, shouldn't your way of making sure people r whatching…..instead of just cable ratings…..people r dumping cable u freaks cause no need for 2000 channels of sh*t, when you can select what u want,watch it, and filter commercials……..if im gonna watch golf then i need to be shot in the back forty cause i play it…….tidleous…….not big, not steel, but will go further than u……just get back to your sci-fi…..(Tesract u were right in first place), especially Caprica…..had good thing and u threw into the trash…… u hit the flush handle and whole sci-fi channel goin down ……funny
    as always,
    fish without lure,
    lookin for trouble,
    hopin u lose bait,
    come back double,
    dont b l8….:)

  • Doc

    Very disappointed about Caprica getting the Axe. The fact that Battle Star is the number one science fiction series of all time should be enough to justify completing the prequel series. It's a big mistake. Bring it back.

  • Dal

    It is amazing how bass-ackwards the programming directors or whoever makes these decisions have been. I am baffled by how they cannot see how it is THEM that put the coffin nails in a show and not the writing or acting. There have been so many great shows "returned to the soil" because they don't understand their own viewing audiences. To have a show like this (and so many others) that takes breaks (personally what killed Battlestar Galactica for me) and / or putting them in a time slot that the target audience is usually not at home viewing then say it is because of a lack of viewing audience that the show gets canceled is mind boggling.

    I don't know if they do or don't but if they don't they should start evaluating data of online viewing habits be it watching through streamed off the networks (if they post episodes online for that) or how much a torrent of a show is downloaded. I feel that would give a better, more accurate analysis of a shows popularity. Personally, between work and social life, I almost never have time to watch a show when it is aired. This is the same for all my friends. That's the reality of it anymore. THAT is where many viewers get their shows anymore. We don't have time often to sit down when a show is on that outdated media source called T.V. anymore. Viewing now is done when and where WE can fit it into our lives. Not the other way around.

    Wake up networks! Evolve with the times or die with the dinosaurs.

  • Jim

    Caprica IS an amazing show. I waited a year for it to come out after Galactica ended. And then it was even better and different than I expected, raising challenging social issues and having deep thought provoking themes. And now the plug is pulled?! This reminds me of Firefly, which was also unique and canceled prematurely (only to go on and become a big DVD hit). The network should worry about its reputation if it kills everything new and different before it has a chance to build momentum and catch on. Cookie cutter shows that are guaranteed to appeal to mainstream may bring more short term profits, but they do little to establish a brand name that makes one unique and gets people talking. And ratings should be taken with a grain of salt when the show is moved around so much with long haitus'. Pick a timeslot, rerun the already created shows, and I guarantee when you again start showing new shows the ratings will be higher.

  • suleimom

    Love Caprica!! SciFi channel has gone downhill…wrestling? Come on.

  • carvecream

    so so sad. i just found about this tonight, after wondering why my tivo didn't record anything this weekend. ugh. i'm bummed. that last episode rocked. i will miss the further development of the cylon creation storyline…

  • Sue

    So disappointing! The only TV show I watch since Battlestar – but maybe it's just that they have not figured out how to get those of us watching on the internet how to contribute? I would subscribe……

  • rick

    I was disappointed too, but really, it was starting to look like they were writing themselves into a corner. I don't see how they could have gone much further AND tied up all the sideshow drama in any worthwhile manner. It isn't BSG. After Gravity got canceled …

  • David

    I am stunned. It has been an incredible series. Placed side by side with any Sci-Fi channel programing, there is no comparison. (I have generally hated every made-for-Sci-Fi-channel movie ever made.) Is there not a single company out there that will stretch its neck out a little and back this series up with some money? Come on! Anyone? Somebody?

  • Michael Weitzenhoff

    I'm a long term fan of Caprica and am heart broken about the decision to drop the show. The quality of the actors and the development of the plot were top notch. It belongs back on the air with Stargate Universe. Quality speaks for itself. If the viewership is low, its the Network's responsiblity to push the product with advertising. Don't blame the show.

  • eben

    anyone with a real sense of what scifi is supposed to be should not be surprised that Caprica is gone. It was a trainwreck from the second episode, with only the diehard BSG nonjudgmentals liking it. I don't have the time to point out all the bad plot devices, the contrivances, the inconsistencies, and the just plain stupid mistakes. Maybe now that it's gone, Fox will let Joss Wheedon try to salvage Dollhouse, which I am convinced was sacrificed because the bigwigs decided that the two series shared too many common themes. I guess I'll miss knowing how the morons planned to resolve all the loose ends on Caprica, but not enough to mourn its loss.

  • bostonblake

    Just echoing what others have said. Caprica is the only show on SyFy that is worth watching. Well-acted. Thought provoking. Relevant. I get that the network is in business to make money, but it needs to offer something of quality even if it isn't the biggest money maker. The first nine episodes were slow to build, but they reached a nice pitch just in time for a long break… a break that resulted in a lost fan base. Because Caprica is the only thing I watch on SyFy, I didn't even know it had returned until today. I just caught up on four episodes only to discover it's now cancelled. I think it's time for SyFy to just go away, and let something else rise up. Their decisions are not serving their best interests, or those of their viewers.

  • Caprican

    I've already posted on my disgust for "syfy's" decision to cancel Caprica. But on the plus side I was able to find the next episode "BlowBack" which was aired on the Space Channel from Canada. After watching it you can see that the whole plot is really tightening up and everything is coming in to light now. It's just the typical Ron Moore style of writing a well thought out story. Cylon's helping STO, what? I hope to find out why after tomorrow. The real sadness here is I don't see how 4 more episodes will conclude this story, I think it really needs another season.

  • Kevin

    Moving the show to Tuesday must have been part of the reason for cancellation, no? C'mon, Fridays had to be a better time slot. I'm tired of these killings of great shows, before they have a decent chance to prove themselves. There was ONE program I planned on watching weekly, and even discussed that if not for Caprica I likely could do without a TV at all, EXCEPT for viewing DVDs. I would have bought the DVD set of this show, if it had been allowed to complete the storyline. It's seldom I follow a show like these, but I would've tuned in weekly, like clockwork to watch this story unfold. Having been a fan of every incarnation of the Star Trek franchise, and having watched all episodes of that, and also, X-Files, I never once bought a season's DVD package. With BSG, I bought them all. I would have done the same with this great saga. I'm not only disappointed, I'm pissed off! Whoever was in charge of this decision, here's one 52 year old fan that thinks YOU SUCK for it. Thanks for nothing.

  • Kevin

    I just have to comment again. I went back and read the previous comments to mine, and we're all saying the same damn thing. I agree with most, that wrestling doesn't belong on SYFY. It's not a program for thoughtful individuals. I do recall the cancellation of Star Trek, and watched Desilu give it away to Paramount, who is still raking in that cash. Why? Because some short-sighted dumb ass in the programming department thinks SYFY viewers are mindless idiots. You guys don't see the long-term, unless there's short-term profits. I hope to God another network picks up this great show, one who appreciates the talent & quality in the making of it, and who also appreciates the intelligence, and desires of their viewers. SYFY plainly does not, and wrestling is for morons, you morons.

  • Charlie Taylor

    I know statistics pretty well, and I know about sampling, but I always wonder how they really know how many of us are watching… If you were and if you want it to continue… then say so! Networks have changed their minds before!

    I agree with some that the show is a bit too much soap opera and less SciFi, but go back and watch Captain Kirk of the USS Enterprise whining, shouting, fighting, pushing the engines past their failure point… time after time… you must like soap opera – eh? Come on SciFy! Give us more of this pre-quel series! I am out here watching!

  • Dal

    Fridays would be the worst time for this kind of program. Most of the typical viewing audience would not be home to watch this. They would out, be it a job or social life, but typically the target audience for this wouldn't be sitting at his/her T.V. for it. Possibly TiVo or DVR at best.

  • Wottleseed

    right on man

  • icbstar

    I'm soooo bummed! my favorite scifi program . People get ur heads out of your asses
    ! best show on tv!

  • Fed Up

    Won't be changing the channel to that P.O.S. channel anymore. Great Job Sci-Fi or whatever the frack you decided to call yourselves now. You've just lost yet another customer.

    .l.. Oo

  • Greg

    Jericho anyone?

    I just finally watch the last five episodes on my DVR only to realize that there will be no more. What a croc……

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