Child Of Eden for Kinect – What about PlayStation Move?

Child Of Eden for Kinect – What about PlayStation Move?

As you all know, there are quite a few games being launched with the new Kinect device next month including “MotionSports,” “Zumba Fitness,” “Kinect Adventure,” “Kinectimals” and “Dance Central.” However, the list of games might not appeal to everybody.

According to Chris McMahon over at, the same could possibly be said about the list of games currently available for the PlayStation Move. When we enter into 2011 however, there is a game that will possibly change everything.

The game we are talking about is “Child of Eden,” a rhythm action game that has been created by Tetsuya Mizuguchi (best known for creating the ‘Rez’ game). This is a game that would also be good for the PlayStation Move, but unfortunately won’t support it.

However, playing “Child of Eden” with the PlayStation Move controller may not be as good of an experience if you were to play it without any controllers at all with Kinect. Would you like to see the “Child of Eden” game come to the PlayStation Move?

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