UFC 121: Weigh-in results plus VIDEO – Lesnar unfazed by boos

UFC 121: Weigh-in results plus VIDEO – Lesnar unfazed by boos

We’ve been bringing you all the news from UFC 121 which will be tonight, Saturday October 23, from the Honda Center, Anaheim, Califorrnia. We’ve already posted articles on the full fight card and also given a preview of Brock Lesnar vs. Cain Velasquez so check out the links if you want that information.

The main event for UFC 121 is the heavyweight title fight between Lesnar and Velasquez and many people are really looking forward to this bout. Lesnar’s fight against Shane Carwin at UFC 116 was a definite thriller and many people are hoping for more of the same. Lesnar weighed in at 264 while Velasquez weighed 244 so Lesnar definitely has bulk on his side. You can look at a video of the weigh-in below this story.

Jordy McElroy over on Sports Haze reports that at the weigh-in Lesnar definitely got the unpopularity vote with boos ringing out, while Velasquez seemed to have all the support on his side. Lesnar won’t let that bother him though and asked how fight was going to go simply said, “Brock Lesnar getting his hand raised. That’s exactly how it’s gonna go.”

If you want to check out the full weigh-in results for every fight of UFC 121 go to sportshaze.com. What are your predictions for Lesnar vs Velasquez? We’d be interested to what you think about UFC so please do send in your comments.

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