F1 Korean Grand Prix: Date and time worldwide for qualifying and race

F1 Korean Grand Prix: Date and time worldwide for qualifying and race

We know that many of you are following every move of the Formula One 2010 season, and this weekend the Korean Grand Prix is coming from the Korea International Circuit in Yeongam. Mark Webber was fastest after the second practice session for Red Bull and the new circuit has come under some criticism from the drivers so it should certainly be a lively Grand Prix race on Sunday.

If you want details of free live online streaming then please see our previous article for full details. Many of you may also want the times for qualifying on Saturday October 23 and the race itself on Sunday October 24, and we can help you out with the information you need.
We’ll give you the times for the U.K. first and then some other times for other parts of the world too, along with a time converter if you need to check the time for another region.

The qualifying on Saturday starts at 06:00 am in the U.K., that’s 16:00 pm in Sydney, Australia, 14:00 pm in Tokyo, Japan, 01:00 am in New York, USA, or in Los Angeles, USA it’s 22:00 pm on the Friday night. Or check the time wherever you are in the world with the fixed time here at timeanddate.com.

The race on Sunday begins at 07:00 am in the U.K. So that’s 17:00 pm in Sydney Australia, or 15:00 pm in Tokyo, Japan, 02:00 am in New York USA, or in Los Angeles, USA 23:00 pm on the Saturday night. Use the fixed time here at timeanddate.com for the time where you are. We’d welcome your thought on the Korean Grand Prix so please do send in your comments.

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