OS X 10.7 Mac App Store – Back to the Mac news

OS X 10.7 Mac App Store – Back to the Mac news

We’ve been giving you all the news and speculation surrounding the Apple ‘Back to the Mac’ media event that’s happening right now, from rumors of an 11.6-inch MacBook Air, speculation about multiple MacBooks and Macs and also some ideas of new features that would be good for MacBooks. We’re going to be keeping up-to-date with all the announcements and will let you know what comes out of all that speculation.

We’re pleased to say that one of the features we discussed was a Mac App Store and indeed that has just been unveiled. The new operating system is the OS X 10.7, or Lion, and an App Store for Macs was always going to be a good idea after the success of the App Store for iPhone and iPod Touch. Some of what we know so far is that there’ll be multi-touch gestures, app home and also full screen apps, auto save and apps resume, according to Ross Miller over on Engadget.

As on the iPad there’s a 70/30 split for developers along with automatic installation and one-click downloads. The apps will also be licensed for use on all your personal Macs. This is certainly one announcement so far that will please many people and hopefully we’ll be giving you some other interesting news from the Back to the Mac event.

For more on this go to engadget.com. What do you think of the Mac App Store? We’re interested in what you have to say so feel free to send in your comments.

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