New MacBook Air 2010: 13.3-inch and 11.6-inch

New MacBook Air 2010: 13.3-inch and 11.6-inch

We’ve been looking at all the news coming out of the Apple ‘Back to the Mac’ media event and have already posted about the new Mac App Store for OS X 10.6 and OS X 10.7, dubbed Lion. At the weekend we’d speculated about some new features we’d like to see for Macs and one of them was an App Store so we’re sure that’s one announcement that will make many people happy.

Then earlier today we’d heard the rumors that an 11.6-inch screen MacBook Air was going to be unveiled at the event and, along with a refreshed 13.3-inch version, the 11.6-inch model appeared. It comes with a 1.4 GHz dual-core processor with 1366 x 768 resolution according to Vlad Savov over on Engadget.

It also has the same aluminium unibody construction that the 13-inch version has, with 2GB of RAM. However the battery life is shorter at around 5 hours. The price of the 11-inch is $999 for the 64GB SSD model or for the 128GB model $1,199. Meanwhile the 1.86 GHz version of the 13-inch with 2GB of memory and 128GB of flash storage begins at $1,299 up to $1,599 for a 256GB model.

Both 11-inch and 13-inch new MacBook Air’s are available now from the Apple Store, Apple retail stores and Authorized Resellers. For more on this go to Will you be tempted to go for the 11.6-inch MacBook Air? We’d like to hear your thoughts on this so please do send in your comments.

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