Back to the Mac Apple Event: Speculation on Products

Back to the Mac Apple Event: Speculation on Products

As many of you will be aware, Apple’s “Back to the Mac” media event is scheduled to take place today (starting at 10am PT and 1pm ET) and as with most other Apple press conferences that take place, there has been speculation as to what products Apple may unveil.

One of the most likely announcements during Wednesday’s event is a new operating system. As reported by Chris Gaylord over at, the invitation that was sent out features a lion, which goes along with Apple’s theme of naming new operating systems after big cats.

There are other people who have been speculating that today’s event could well be used to formally announce the long-awaited Verizon iPhone, but that thought is highly unlikely. Although if that announcement was to happen, I think it would dominate the whole event.

The most believable rumors of them all, is the speculation about a new MacBook Air being introduced. Ever since the MacBook Air was first introduced, it’s never received an update. However, reports say that Steve Jobs may unveil a new 13.3-inch model that’s got more ports and a bigger battery.

What do you think will be announced during today’s “Back to the Mac” Apple event?

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  • Matt

    Macbook air has in fact received an update. This will be the 3rd generation

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