DWTS Season 11 – Week 5: Bristol Palin Receives Lowest Score

DWTS Season 11 – Week 5: Bristol Palin Receives Lowest Score

ABC’s popular reality TV series “Dancing with the Stars” is now into its fifth week, and we’ve already seen contestants such as The Situation and Margaret Cho eliminated from the competition. After receiving the lowest judges’ score, could Bristol Palin be next to go home?

According to Laurel Brown over at buddytv.com, last night’s performance episode saw the remaining contestants perform their chosen routines to TV show theme tunes. First up on the dance floor were Brandy and Maksim, who danced the Quickstep to the “Friends” theme.

The judges were definitely impressed with Brandy’s performance, and gave her an overall score of 27. The next performance came from Florence and Corky, who danced the Tango to “The Brady Bunch” theme. Florence received an overall judges’ score of 21.

Kurt Warner and his professional partner Anna Trebunskaya were up next, performing the Quickstep to the “Bewitched” theme. This is another performance that the judges appeared to like, and Kurt ended with a score of 24. Audrina and Tony took to the dance floor next.

Their Rumba – which was performed to the theme for MTV’s reality TV series “The Hills” – earned them an overall score of 23. It was then Kyle Massey’s turn on the dance floor, performing the Foxtrot to the “Charlie’s Angels” theme with his partner Lacey Schwimmer.

Len wasn’t impressed with his performance at all, describing it as a joke. Kyle received a total score of 20 points. Rick Fox was up next, dancing the Rumba to the theme from “Hill Street Blues.” His performance scored him an overall 24 points.

Bristol Palin and Mark Ballas were up next, performing the Jive to the theme from “The Monkees.” They both took to the dance floor dressed in monkey suits, but they didn’t stay on very long. Bristol’s performance unfortunately only earned her an 18.

The final contestant to show off her dancing skills was “Dirty Dancing” star Jennifer Grey. She and Derek Hough performed the Foxtrot to the theme from “Married, with Children” and although it was a good performance, it definitely wasn’t one of her best. She scored 25 points overall.

Who do you think will be sent home this week?

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  • 1dancer

    Bristol needs to go!

  • Lois Deatherage

    I am hoping that either Kyle or florence gets sent home, but unfortunately, Bristol is probably going to go tonight. Its too bad, she is a good dancer, she just needs to have more facial expressions. It would be nice if Brandy got sent packing but since she has had some decent scores, she might be one of the last ones out the door. However, Joanna Krupa was sent home before the semi finals and she was definately the best dancer on that series, Danny Osmond got the gold and he absolutely did not deserve it, neither did Kelly Osborne. So who knows? Bristol's Mother is extremely popular and she might pull in some votes and keep Bristol on the show. I certainly hope so!!!

  • Lois N.

    Unfortunately, I think Bristol will finally get her walking papers. I would rather Florence or Brandy go, but realistically, it will probably be the "Pistol" too bad!!!

  • marcella

    This is a dance show, not a popularity poll or a political poll.

  • Ballroom dancer

    Bristol needs to GO HOME!!!! I hate that bitch. She is a terrible dancer, NOT trying, and doesn't FEEL the music at all! Plus, how dare she tell people to do abstinence when she has a kid on her own? What a hypocrite! She has NO RIGHT! She could at LEAST promote condoms or be smart about sex. GOSH!! HATE HER!!! The only reason why the judges aren't too harsh on her is because of Sarah Palin. I bet you Sarah probably paid a lot of people to vote for Bristol and that's why she stayed.

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