Back to the Mac: Multiple MacBooks and Macs

Back to the Mac: Multiple MacBooks and Macs

We have written a couple of articles about Apple’s upcoming “Back to the Mac” media event over the past week or so, including one on the features that should be applied to any new MacBooks. We’ve also mentioned the speculation surrounding Wednesday’s event.

As Barbara E. Hernandez recently reported over at, one of the rumors that has been floating around the Internet suggests that Apple is about to unveil its new 13.3-inch MacBook Air in the hopes of boosting consumer interest in Mac laptops.

Reports say that the new MacBook Air – which some say bridges the gap between the MacBook and the iPad – could well come with the new Lion or OS x 10.7 platforms, and possibly include iOS integration. The rumors don’t stop with just a new MacBook Air either.

It’s also been said that Apple could well be releasing multiple Macs and MacBooks, all with different capabilities. This may range from a netbook-style MacBook, to a model that’s fully loaded. What do you think Apple is going to unveil during Wednesday’s media event?

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