Verizon iPhone 4 / 5: Informative Article

Verizon iPhone 4 / 5: Informative Article

We’ve been covering news about a Verizon iPhone for months it seems and we know just how many of you are waiting for it and hoping it’s going to be released soon. We told for instance how many people were disappointed it didn’t appear at the last Apple media event on September 1 and then wrote about how many people would leave AT&T for Verizon if the Big Red got the iPhone. More recently we wondered if there might be any mention at the next Apple media event this coming Wednesday but think this is unlikely.

There has been so much speculation about a Verizon iPhone 4 or indeed 5 that it has been difficult to keep on top of all the news and rumors and to make sense of it all. That’s where a really useful article by Kent German and Erica Ogg over on Cnet comes in. Laid out in a questions and answers format the article aims to supply all the information out there about a Verizon iPhone.

For example the fact that more and more reports say a Verizon iPhone will be out in the New Year and whether this is really true is answered, and says that the release does seem to be gaining momentum after recent reports from the Wall Street Journal. The fact that AT&T raised its early termination fears earlier this year also leads people to believe the company is preparing for a mass exodus. Similarly the fact that Verizon is about to start selling the Apple iPad gives even more credence to the rumors as the two companies are now already established in a working relationship.

When it comes to the question of when we might see the Verizon iPhone it’s still looking likely for January 2011 and the likelihood is that it will be very similar to the iPhone 4 on AT&T but with CDMA chips. The valid point is also made that Ivan Seidenberg, Verizon CEO, is set to make a keynote address on January 6 at the 2011 Consumer Electronics Show although the idea that Steve Jobs would let anybody steal his thunder with the announcement is somewhat improbable.

The article goes into much more detail with many questions and answers that seek to clarify the current situation about a Verizon iPhone so for more go to What are your thoughts on a Verizon iPhone? Are you one of the many customers that are patiently waiting for news on this? We’d be interested in what you have to say so please do send in your comments.

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  • Meg

    I would definately have to say if Apple left ATT and went to Verizon I would definately switch although if Apple did cut out ATT completely there should be a way of switching existing ATT customers to Verizon with out the large disconnection fee. Is there any talks about that in the works?

  • nina

    please, why should at&t customers be rewarded not only having the iphone first and now on top of it have the fee waved?!!! I DONT THINK SO!!! SELFISH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! at&t customers need to suck it up and get over themselves! verizon customers who have stayed true to verizon should get first dibs and lower rates and furthermore new verizon customers from at&t should be charged more!!!!!!!

  • Herman Ratcliff


  • Joe

    Verizon runs a different type of network than ATT, requiring different hardware, so it would be impossible to simply transfer service from ATT to Verizon without also purchasing a new phone. Also, I see no reason why ATT would just let their customers move to Verizon without any kind of fee. So I doubt it will be as simple (or indeed inexpensive) as you suggest it could be. In a perfect world, maybe…

  • Noah

    knowing apple, unless at&t has done something wrong to apple, they will stay with at&t. many people will switch over from at&t to verizon if the iphone comes out with verizon but there will still be many who do not. 2011 simply ends the contract that apple and at&t have that says apple can only produce iphones with at&t, so apple could potentially get the iphone out on all carriers for an even broader marketplace! thats going to be up to verizon and at&t to keep it to just them because it doesnt effect apple while it effects the phone companies. either way apple gets a boom in customers.

  • TonyT

    poor souls in the USA; Canada has 3 carriers that carry the IPHONE brand ROGERS, BELL, and TELUS. We Canadians have a choice….

  • Princeli

    I have been waiting for the iPhone to come to Verizon for so long! When my contract was up with Verizon in April, I kept my flip phone, in anticipation of this, and am patiently waiting……

  • Ali

    I'm waiting for the iPhone from other company than stupid at&a I thought we are in u.s.a we should have a choice

  • CCNP_04

    Im currently with Verizon, using a droid. when/if they offer the iphone, i'll pay full price for the upgrade and re-sign the contract.. Verizon will make booKoos off existing customers just as well as the At&t exoduses… I just hope it's sooner than later!

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