Netflix upgrade for PS3: No disc required from Monday

Netflix upgrade for PS3: No disc required from Monday

Good news for PlayStation 3 users who are Netflix subscribers as from Monday a new upgrade is coming your way. The move was announced today by Sony and Netflix and because the streaming service from Netflix is moving to the XrossMediaBar menu it will mean there’s no disc required.

The announcement also means that along with Netflix streaming TV shows and movies the PS3 will also get Dolby Digital Plus 5.1-channel surround sound, according to Mike Snider over on USA Today. If you’re already a Netflix subscriber there’ll be nothing extra to pay and there are also some further improvements coming with the upgrade.

There’ll be an enhanced interface with search functionality for example, making it a whole lot easier to find particular titles or browse content and some shows and movies will be able to seen in 1080i resolution. It will also be quicker to start video and there’ll be more choice with subtitles or different audio tracks. You can find out everything about the upgrade at playstation blog.

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  • boborobo

    About time!!! – That disk thing really sucked, and I had to order a new one, as I can only guess that we used it to much!!

    Now how about my linux install back SONY??? I still have the space used up on my HD from that – but I am not deleting it – in hopes that Sony will re-consider someday.

    Thanks for listening.

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