‘Medal of Honor’ 2010: Review Round-Up

‘Medal of Honor’ 2010: Review Round-Up

With the much-anticipated “Medal of Honor” game seeing its US release date today (Tuesday, October 12th), I thought I would take a look at a few of the reviews that have begun surfacing online. The first one comes from Dave Burns, over at xboxer360.com.

This review gave the “Medal of Honor” game a rating of 88 percent out of 100, and noted a few good points as well as a few downsides. While this review praises the game for its strong story line and excellent multiplayer mode, it does note the disappointment in its short campaign.

The next review comes from Tom Bramwell from eurogamer.net, who gave it an 8/10 rating. Although this review claims that the multiplayer is close to that of “Bad Company 2,” it does go on to say that it would be hard to put it down in any way.

It’s the multiplayer – which features five game modes – that appears to be praised again in this review, while the script and storyline has been described as mixed outside of the action. The final review that I came across is a video review from Arthur Gies at uk.ign.com.

While other reviews praise the storyline, this one claims that it has a few major issues. Another criticism is the single player gameplay, which they claim gets tedious at times. This review rates the audio and visuals on the plus side, while noting a spotty framerate and boring levels as the downside.

You can read the full reviews via the links provided above. Feel free to let us know what you think of this game, once you have had a chance to play it.

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  • Bootsy25

    the story mode could have been alot better!! they kinda took the fun out of playing shooters for me.. think the medal of honor franchise needs to link up with ifinity ward and learn how to make a dope shooting game!!!! seriously story mode needs work


    multiplayer is ok.

  • Brian

    Overall this is not what I was expecting from the hype this received prior to coming out. This is the worst Medal of honor game that I have played and I have played all of them and loved the previous ones. If I had to rate it i would rate it a 6/10. Changed the volume settings to each different type that are offered–doesnt sound right—sounds like the characters are muffled or unreal..is lame. The visuals during gameplay also are not spectatular—even on high def. I am going to get black ops when it comes out, call of duty is always a good series–hopefully they didnt try to compete at the level of this game.

  • clevenger13

    The game does not add up to the hipe. Just watch the reviews and you will see the only good things about the game. Nothing like Bad Company 2. I wish I would have not spent my money on this game. I waited 2 hours last night to get this games until midnight I will never do that again. Dice and Frostbite messed up big time. I will never buy another goame of theirs without trying it first.

  • JJay

    I think the campaign is pretty tight….however I dislike the multi-player….doesn't seem there has been much change from playing Battlefield Bad Company 2.

    Lets see what Battlefield 3 will bring to the table.

  • nastyned

    ya this game is shit compared to alot of other realism games take a mod which is called insurgency The game has more realism to it than this fucking game you can actually lean around corners. and the explosive's are a freaking joke if i land a explosive at someones feet I expect it to kill them but more often it does not. also the guns in the game do not kick hardly at all which in real world situations your not going to accurately fire a ak47 on automatic not going to happen. if i would rate the game i would give it a 4/10 not worth your time or money

  • Mohsucks

    This game is terrible… Glad I just paid $60 for a new frisbee (I would probably have more fun using the disc as a frisbee)… Complete piece of crap!!

  • Marc Richard

    I bought Medal of Honor yesterday, and got a chance to spend a few hours in the multiplayer maps last night after work. What a blast!
    I'm a huge fan of Modern Warfare 2 and was a little concerned at some of the comparisons of Medal of Honor to Battlefeild Bad Company 2. (not that BBC2 is a bad game, it's just quite a different pace from MW2). Too my surprise I'd say Medal of Honor is alot closer to the gameplay of Modern Warfare 2. I don't think I've played all 8 maps yet but the ones I did play where varied and well laid out. The controller layout is almost identical to MW2, and I was able to jump right in to a multiplayer game without any tutorials showing me the ropes. I haven't even touched the campaign mode yet which I think is telling of what this game is really all about, online multiplayer, if you don't have internet access I'm not sure I would recommend purchasing this title. If you do, I wouldn't miss it.

  • Tony

    So much hype over this game, but it certainly does not live up to it. The frame rate issue is amateurish and the little glitches in the gameplay such as NPCs getting in the way of shots and getting left behind when they're crucial to finishing the level is just annoying. The character "Dusty" got stuck on his ATV against a fence and "Mother" disappeared in the retaking of Bagram airfield level, on the last level, during all of the action things became slo-mo from all of the frame rate slowing it looked like a John Woo film. I am sorry I bought this piece of crap.

  • Richard

    It was a waste of money, I played the game in one afternoon, it was that short. I will never buy another one of their games without trying it first. To all that want to play this game, rent it first and save your money. It was not worth the wait or the money spent.

  • Gregory

    ill tell you what, everything i have heard about the sounds being muffled is something i have yet to experience with MOH. I will admit that when i was being overrun by the insurgents at the bottom of the hill just before the birds come flying in, i really felt the walls closing in on me. This is the first game i have ever played that has brought tears to my eyes. I absolutely enjoyed the game. i hated battlefield bad company 2 and its multiplayer and yes, MOH is like it, but its different. I dunno why or how to explain it but it is way different. I enjoy it. go buy the game, or even rent it first, you will love it.

  • Henry

    I played the game and was totally disappointed…and it sucks that GameSpot does not allow you to return even after a few hours…and the trade value dropped to 23 bucks immediately. Now I'm stuck with a game that I just can't seem to appreciate…guess I played COD too much……don't waste your money on this.

  • John

    I personally think MoH is a lot better than CoD. I've played throughout the entire campaign, thought it was a bit short; but it did deliver and i really enjoyed it. The story was quite engaging, and i shed a tear at the end of the game for obvious reasons… The multiplayer i thought was astounding! 10 out of 10. One of the things that took my interest was that I found myself looking at the scenery. AKA the grass moving, etc… It was beautiful for a video game. The game play is great, there's so many gametypes including team deathmatch and team objective. They also have a gametype called combat mission which is by far my favorite. It's where you play a mission but with your enemies being other gamers, one team being marines and the other the taliban. The taliban's always defending these points, while the marines try to destroy them… very fun. They also have this point system on getting kills, 50 pts awards you with a mortar strike, 100 pts awards you with a rocket strike, and so on. Oh, and they have to be awarded all in one life. i've only seen up to my highest amount of pts in a row being 580 pts. The multiplayer also has a great ranking up system, from recruit to tier 1.

  • John

    adding on:…. Overall, i'll put this game as #2 in games to buy before the end of this year. Halo: Reach obviously takes first, but it is close none the less. I really stress you give this game a chance, you won't be displeased. If you have any further questions on games under the FPS Genre message me at my gamertag: JevitzIsAGod, or my email: trexasaurusman@yahoo.com. I hope I helped!

  • USAF_AC130

    Medal of honor is not meant to be a fictional story where the people just run around and kill everyone like in CoD. But it tells the tales and hardships of the troops.

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