UFC 119 Results: Frank Mir vs Mirko Cro Cop – Lacklustre Affair, plus video

UFC 119 Results: Frank Mir vs Mirko Cro Cop – Lacklustre Affair, plus video

Last night saw UFC 119 from the Conseco Fieldhouse in Indianapolis, but the main event of former UFC Heavyweight Champion Frank Mir vs. Mirko “Cro Cop” Filipovic was a pretty lacklustre affair despite it being the only knockout of the night.

The first two rounds were yawn-inducing, with both fighters slow and tentative. The fight seemed to consist mainly of inactivity and the referee having to separate the two men. The crowd were unimpressed with Trent Reinsmith over on the Bleacher Report telling how the spectators booed with displeasure.

As the third round began it was more of the same and the audience became restless at the constant separations having to be made from the referee which merely seemed to be taking up the time. Even Herb Dean, the referee, appeared to be asking the fighters to actually get combative. It was all a rather sorry affair and in the closing stages of the final round Frank Mir finally took his chance and landed a right knee to Cro Cop that knocked him senseless and the fight was stopped.

It says something surely that no “Knockout of the Night” award was given to Mir, even though it was in fact the only knockout of the night. After the fight even Frank Mir himself expressed his displeasure at his own performance saying, “I could have pushed the pace a little bit. I’m not happy at all,” according to Sergio Non over on USA Today. You can see the post-fight talk from Mir in the video below this story.

It was all rather dissatisfying unlike the thrills from UFC 118 of Edgar vs. Penn for example, that had everybody talking about a great evening of action. What did you think of UFC 119? We’re always interested in what you have to say so please feel free to send in those comments.

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  • adfr

    frank mir ,have a beer

  • Joe

    hahaha Mir didnt' get tired because he didnt' do anything (how many times did Herb Dean stop the fight and bring the fightes in the center of the ring ? it was 5 times!)… he was afraid of Mir co's striking so like a bitch he pushed mir co up agains the cage the entire fight! Mirco, being excellent at stoping take downs had no problem stoping Mir once he was up against the cage! The fact is that Mir got lucky with that knee, Mirco didn't see it coming so he got knocked out! Give them a rematch with Mirco being more agressive Mir will get knocked out! A very dissapointing fight Mir would have lost if it went to the cards!

    this figh reminded me of the Rashad evans Rampage Jackson fight… like a bitch Rashad put Ramage agains the cage the whole fight… and didn't do much!… looks like the way to win is to put ur opponent against the cage and do nothing!… there shud be a rule against that and if the ref has to stop the fight because of it

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