Similac Baby Formula Recall 2010: Product details and lot numbers

Similac Baby Formula Recall 2010: Product details and lot numbers

Only yesterday we brought you the news of the Similac powdered baby formula recall with millions of containers involved because of possible insect contamination. It is important to note that the recall does not affect the liquid formula available.

Many of you wanted further information as to product details and lot numbers and we now have that information for you. The products involved were 8-ounce, 12.4-ounce, and 12.9-ounce cans of Similac powder, sold not only in the U.S. but also in Guam, Puerto Rico and other Caribbean countries. The Food and Drug Administration say that if any of contaminated products were ingested it could cause discomfort and irritation of the gastrointestinal tract and lead to a lack of appetite according to Dylan over on Spreadit.

If you visit the Similac recall website you can type in a lot number and it will tell you if yours is one of the affected cans. Alternatively call 800-986-8850 for information. Please be aware though that you may need to be patient if trying to use the Similac website. When we tried we couldn’t access the site as it’s probably overwhelmed right now. However you can also find a complete list of lot numbers at

Have you any affected cans of this Similac baby formula? Has your infant become ill after ingesting Similac formula? We’d be interested to hear from you about this so please do let us have your comments.

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  • ECA

    My baby has had diarrhea for almost a week now and she takes similac baby formula every day. I hope to get more details on this recall.

  • Jamie Dowd Bryant

    Hello – My 9month old baby boy is on Similac Advance. This past Friday, he was very fussy and didn't want to eat. He had very bad green diarrhea. This lasted over the weekend through Tuesday, when we opened a new can of Similac. As of Wednesday night he still had green diarrhea and has just started eatting again and being his self.

  • Megan

    My 5 month old daughter has been fussy since Sunday. She also has had constipation this week, crying while pooping. She is and always had been a happy baby, NEVER cries. After hearing about the recall I checked her formula on their website. The can I have used for the past week has been recalled! I'm now waiting for the doctor's office to open so I can call them.

  • Rachel

    Thank you, this was helpfull…I got through to the webpage…90392RB7 is not recalled

  • Amy Meyer

    my 3 month old has had the same green diarrhea off and on for the past week and he has been extremely fussy i ended up bringing him to the doctor and he thought it was heart burn… now im having to wonder

  • K Bryant

    My 11 mo. old is on Similac as well. For the last couple of days, she has had some green diarrhea, too. She's usually a big eater but she's just not been wanting to eat as much. I've tried several times to look up lot numbers on the similac website with no luck. Apparently, the website is too busy…imagine that. I, too hope to find out more about this recall and hope all babies are doing fine!

  • Heather

    My baby is 5 weeks old and has been on Similac sensitive since birth he is constapated daily and throws up this milk has stomach aches while he eats..He balls up so i know he is hurting-took him to the Dr. was told he might have a stomach virus..

  • donna stephenson

    My grandson is a real good eater but for the last 2 weeks he has had green runny bowel movements is that a result of having fed him formula that is on the recall lot list

  • M Tompson

    My 9 month old has been very fussy for the last two weeks, he is waking up in the middle of the night, which is very unusual for him. he has been fussy during the day and not taking his usual naps!!!!!!! now i'm wondering.

  • ehouchin

    Similac web site is awful. Just list the lot numbers — I can't get in and my baby is screaming b/c he's hungry.

  • Jennifer

    Definetly things like this are all the more reason to breastfeed!

  • Kristin

    I found these lot numbers on . I'm hoping they are the real ones. I can't get through on the Similac website either.
    87932T20, 88117T26, 78208T2,88136T20,91433t20,800-986-8850,800-545-5216,800-515-7677,800-986-8800,847-937-6100,(847) 935-8865,(847)935-3456,66128RB6,61251 RB6,61347RB,84314 RB,85454 T2,86580 T20,88137T20 and 90372T20.

  • jbb

    Our son has had bad diarrhea for a week, and we checked the lot # on his similac soy powder…. we had 2 affected containers, and I just got back from BJ's wholesale where they were in the process of removing all the similac powdered soy products for recall.

    I'm with you ehouchin, similac website is getting crushed, just list the lot numbers is right!!

  • c hamlin

    I am very concerned because I cannot get through to the website or the number!! and my son has been sick for a week!!

  • gomathi

    I fed my newborn baby the sample container given in the hospital 85454T2 and 86795RB6 that I bought at Walgreens both are recalled. My daughter has been very fussy and bloated. I am very frustated to know that I fed my baby with formula that has insect contamination. I am worried because she has been fed on the contaminated formula for 2 months since birth.

  • Karen

    My 5 month old son was fussy and having green diarrhea. Pediatrician told us it was stomach virus. a week later he was still having diarrhea they told us he is alergic to the formula to switch to Similac Alimentum. The can that we were using when he had the diarrhea is being recalled.

  • Leslie

    Can someone help? I had been giving my baby enfamil since I started back to work last month. I remember though we had given him a can of similac. He has had really bad diarrhea for the past 2 weeks. Do you guys think this could be the cause?

  • kim

    My Greatgranddaugher is also having trouble all at once. Not sleeping and lots of green stools. she is also very fussy. Checking her lot numbers. but we have already trown away calls since all this with her has been going on. this is bad. Who can you trust. I am mad about this.



  • kramerfam3

    Just found out that i have an affected container. The lot number 90336t200410156 was included in the recall, however my five month old son already finished the formula a couple of weeks ago and no symptoms.

  • tracie

    Gerber Good Start is a GREAT alternative. I will NEVER use Similac again!!!!!!

  • Jenn

    My son is 7 months old. For the past 5 weeks or so he has been very fussy eating. ge was eating a minimum of 6 oz per feeding. I have been struggling to get him to take 4. I thought it was because he was teething, and we started feeding him more solids. Now I'm not so sure. Last night, when we stopped the Similac, he took 9 oz in just over an hour! Hmmmmm…..

  • angie

    me either, anybody who has gone through please post the numbers..

  • b saldana

    my baby is 2 months and he uses similac sensitive for spit up and he usually eats real good but for a week and a half he wont eat more than 2 oz.. and he had constapation and fussie with gas pains and also throwing up and he had never throw up but the can number is not recalled im still worried

  • Frustrated

    My twin babies both have had the same sypmtoms as many of you have described. Green bowel movement, fussy and not wanting to eat. This was happening on and off for two months now. We checked the lot number on all the cans of similac we've purchased, and sure enough, they are part of the recalled ones. What amazes me is the fact that , Abbot, say that this is a voluntary recall and that the formula "MIGHT" be contaminated, while in fact they sure know that it is.

  • Fidel Deforte

    Our 11 month old boy has had diarrhea for 5 days now, 8 times a day from the normal 2 times. We thought it was due to teething as he has 4 teeth coming out. Only today we saw the recall and all the Similac we have and have been using are on the contaminated list. Our son has also been scratching his stomach area and we just thought it was also from irritability from the new teeth, now we are thinking that he is irritable from the milk issues. We will carry him to pediatrcian tomorrow Friday as his poor little "tosh" is very red all around and for them to check him out. His eating only dropped a little, but we have been giving him lots of water since the diarrhea began. I think that may have been the saving grace.

  • Fidel Deforte

    I am very disappointed that all Abbot Labs is saying is how you can get your money back, as if that is what affected parents are thinking about…how about some "tips" on things you can do to ease the problems – like giving regular pedialite to drink, or warm baths to ease their irritated rear end, etc. Why does everything today have to be all about finance and costs. Maybe that is a secondary item, but we will not worry about the $22 per can of milk. We are more concerned about our baby's health…and that my friend is PRICELESS

  • ninagosaimas

    It appears new updates has now surfaced for the exact lot numbers which are affected for this recall. Similac Recall- Everything that you needed to know. .

  • ninagosaimas

    Should just have breastfeed

  • Concerned Parent

    We have a 7 month old infant who would cry continuosly as if he was in pain and could never figure out what the problem was every time we gave him the powered form Similac in the bottle. We thought it was gas so we would give the proper dose of mylacon figuring it was gas. He would eat baby food with no issue buy as soon as we would try to give him the bottle he would kick and srceam while crying in a very intense manner. We obviously stopped and wondered why he was so rejected to the formula. Now its been revealed that my child was telling us that we were feeding him bugs?

  • Concerned Parent

    Abbott Lab needs to be accountable for this horrible experience to our child and I'm furious that I've given this company the trust in providing what I thought was a quality product. I've returned the formula back to Krogers and saved the receipt from the returns but wonder if I should go back and save a container to file a lawsuit. This company should pay for what they did and be put out of business! Our child is now off the powered formula but is still crying in the middle of the nights. Its been 18 hours since he's been off the formula. Someone please let me know what to do to file this suit! Meanwhile, we will call our physican to see what issues this has caused to our child.

  • Common Sense

    wake up………they are BABIES!!! Hello????

  • Sean

    My daugter got extremely sick. She would barely eat for about 2 weeks. had bad diahrea (spelling?) she had a high fever and was vomiting. We had to take her to the emergency room with a 104 degree fever and then to another doctors visit. Once we heard about the recall we switched formula and she already is seeming to be better. Does anyone know of a class action lawsuit being filed for this?

  • Elaine O'Bannon

    what do we do if our babies get diarrhea after they have drank the contaminated formula? Do we need to take them to the doctor?

  • offended

    This comment is inappropriate for some of us who don't have that option. Please don't be so ignorant and insensitive!

  • Dinesha Nothinbutlove Thomas

    When you are in your daily living you never think that you could be affected by such things. my baby has had loss of appetite for sometimes now at least a month. I was thinking she will just be a picky eater. She has been drinking Similac advance in the powder form for over 5 months now. I have called the hotline and have giving my information to the call center and the supervisors will do the review.

  • MSchm

    I'm upset too, I was feeding my baby a bad container as weel. But come on, a law suit?? People are always out for a free buck.

  • jenn

    Not everyone has that option.

  • jenn

    My baby has too been eating this since June. While yes it sucks and is gross, just wait to your baby is a toddler. They will eat all kinds of stuff that you would never imagine of (dirt, bottoms of shoes, pacifiers off the floor, wood chips, mystery food of kitchen floor, etc.). Now that stuff is gross. Not that I'm taking this lightly, but law suit??? Come on instead of getting revenge, just move on…

  • AlohaOhana

    My baby girl is 4 months and 3 weeks old now and she has been drinking Similac since she was born. We notice she drank much less milk after she turned into three months old and she throw up a few times. We spoke to the doctor and he told us that sometimes baby drinks less and we shouldn't be too worry… but sometimes she drank less than 18 oz per day… I just checked the lot number on similac website and I found out three similac formula we got from costco are the recall products!!

  • lily garcia

    my 8 month old has also not been himself lately ,fussy ,wakes up through the night, but my concern is that he hasn't had green bowel movements , he has pooped so many times a day ,at least 10 times a day, but no diaheraa, its just dark dark brown poop …please help? is his case worse?

  • nai nai

    My grandson is right at a year old now and is starting to wean off formula but still has a bottle for naptime and right before bed…. He has been having the most foul, bowel movements and a couple of green ones…. In addition, his mom and I have been battling to keep him from a bad diaper rash… Otherwise, he seems to feel fine except for the diahrrhea.. So we keep him hydrated and change him as soon as he poops… Now it all makes sense… Sure enough, we have three containers that are bad lots… Sheesh… I am feeling fortunate that he is ready to go to cow's milk… Can't imagine going thru this with a tiny little one

  • Rachel

    I JUST found out about this. My baby has had 5-6 BM per day. Some are green some are yellow, but all are watery/loose. She has gone from 15 lb to 13 lb in almost 2 weeks. We are doing a parasite check on her now. She was on Similac Advance Soy.

    I am doing a lawsuit to pay for the medical bills. I am very concerned about my 4 months' old weight loss. email me for Texas lawsuits. Negligence is unacceptable with a newborn.

  • Gimmie a break

    um ok.. green bowel movements are normal in babies, only bowel movements that are black white or red are consideed to be abnormal. Being fussy is normal in babies even if your baby isnt typically "fussy" babies change ALL the time. I have a 7 month old (who drinks Similac) and he is fussy too sometimes, but u dont see me blaming Similac. Hes around the appropriate age for teething, hes begining solids, he's growing and changing…all things that can make a baby fussy. it seems like everyone is blaming everything of the formula. If I told you that SOME lottery tickets are winners, and that people who win are rich, would you assume that ALL rich people had won the lottery?? NO! Its the same faulty logic. some formula is contaminated. contaminated formula can make a baby sick…so every single sick baby is sick from contaminated formula?? Right. How easily we forget the BILLIONS of cans that have been produced over the years that were perfect and never harmed anyone.

  • Smarter than you

    I bet you are fat and nasty….. fat and nasty people never take their childrens health into consideration first. Because they are too busy eatting chicken wings. Prolonged watery BM's are NOT normal in babies.

  • Disappointed

    My daughter had horrible diarrhea. The doctor gave her some medicine but come to find out it's what she is eating. I don't understand how something that is made for babies could be so poorly MONITORED. I had to go to a couple of stores to try to return it because they weren't returning without a receipt. This is utterly ridiculous. I am highly upset, my baby had to wait hours to eat until I could finally exchange it. I should have BREASTFED!!!

  • don kubis

    my 10 month old son has been eating similac advance in the plastic container since he was born. he has always had trouble making bowel movements.(grunting with constipation to diarrhea). i had kept an empty 34oz container to store fishing supplies. when i heard of the recent recall i put the lot mumbers from this 6 month old container into the similac search for recall box on their web site that had also been recalled. long story short, it looks like this has been a problem for a long time. how long have our babies been eating things that they should not in formula? looks like big business will always care about the bottom line and nothing else as usual. how long can we as consumers and americans keep getting screwed by corporate greed. sometimes i feel foolish for serving my country and protecting the people who care about money and nothing else. this government needs an enima.

  • amazed

    really, move on? that's your advise? people like you dip shits are the reason this country is the way it is! just roll over and take it? WOWWWW! You are to blame for shit like this. You let people walk all over you. also, clean your house, maybe your toddler would eat less off of the floor.


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