Motorola Droid X gets Android 2.2 update now – check it out

Motorola Droid X gets Android 2.2 update now – check it out

There’s good news today for Motorola Droid X users as it appears that the long awaited OS update Android 2.2, commonly dubbed Froyo, is now available as of today. We told in our article back in August how the update should be coming in September and now here it is!

Some more recent handsets have actually come out already running on Android 2.2 such as the Droid 2 and the popular OS will also be used on the upcoming tablet device, the Samsung Galaxy Tab, so Droid X users will be especially pleased that they now have access to it. Ross Miller over on Engadget tells us that the over the air update has already started being unleashed for Droid X users today.

Some users have been checking for the update while others have received notification of its availability in the status bar and Engadget report that there’s also enhanced voicemail with Bluetooth support and improved mobile hotspot app so what are you waiting for…get your Android 2.2 update now.

For more on this go to Have you already got your Android 2.2 update and did everything go smoothly? What do you think so far of the new OS? We’re always interested in what you have to say so feel free to send us your comments about this.

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  • linthat22

    Got my update as soon as I woke up and I’m very happy with the improvements thus far. Was worth waiting for the final build.

  • Steve

    Didnt wanna wait so I went into my settings and searched for available updates and 2.2 was available. Everything its good so far. Having flash player now its worth all the waiting.

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