Samsung Galaxy Tab: Likely release dates

Samsung Galaxy Tab: Likely release dates

We’ve given you loads of information recently about the Samsung Galaxy Tab, the 7-inch Android tablet device that looks set to be major competition for the Apple iPad. The device has got a lot of people talking after the first video preview was seen, followed by specs and then more recently the news that it when launched it will be available from all four major US wireless carriers, T-Mobile, Sprint, AT&T and Verizon.

Yesterday we asked if the Galaxy Tab could possibly compete with the Apple iPad and we thought that one thing that might go in its favour was that it will be available from a choice of carriers, rather than just AT&T who have exclusivity for the iPad at present, as many customers in the U.S. are particularly loyal to their carrier. Now some further news comes today about release dates from Ubergizmo.

Although specific dates are not yet verified yet there is some news on which carrier may be getting the Samsung Galaxy Tab first, and an approximate date of release. It looks likely from rumors circulating that AT&T will be the first to get their hands on the Galaxy Tab, shipping in mid-October. Verizon is said to be getting the EVDO model at the beginning of November while Sprint looks set to have it from mid-November. The final carrier to get the much-talked about Tab will be T-Mobile.

One thing does look sure though and that is that the Samsung Galaxy Tab will be available for the busy holiday season rush which is what was expected. For more on this go to Are you a customer patiently waiting for the Samsung Galaxy Tab? Does the fact that it will be available from 4 different carriers make it more likely that you’ll purchase it? We’re always interested to hear your thoughts so please feel free to send in your comments.

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  • Minelab GPX4500 Metal Detector

    The latest samsung galaxy tab looks amazing it looks like every company is now offering it’s own Pc tablet. i havent made up my mind weather to buy a ipad or some other tab. Nevertheless i’ve got to admit that the Samsung is pritty tempting. Chris from the United kingdom

  • Horace from Brooklyn

    It seems that T-Mobile won't be getting it then until December? If that's the case, then I'll probably switch from T-Mobile to some other carrier (probably Verizon). If T-Mobile was getting it earlier, I'd stick with them.

  • Robert

    Minelab…I hear ya, it seems like every company is offering a tablet. The problem is, they are all just sitting on the pot without umm…I'm sure that word would be blocked.
    It seems most tablets won't be out until 2011 and by that time Apple will have the iPad 2 ready to go. So while these companies continue to promise these amazing tablets, by the time they bring something to market, Apple will probably beat them again.
    The weird part is, none of these tablets are all that revolutionary. So why is it taking them so long to get a shipping product on the market? Hell, China has had over a dozen already on the market! The US seems to always drag its feet in technology (among other sciences). Very sad actually….

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