Medal of Honor 2010: New PS3 Multiplayer Trailer

Medal of Honor 2010: New PS3 Multiplayer Trailer

Although “Call of Duty: Black Ops” is probably one of the most anticipated games at the moment, it appears that there’s another first-person shooter that is trying to follow in its footsteps. If you don’t already know what game I am talking about, it’s the upcoming “Medal Of Honor.”

According to a recent article at by Marcus Lai, EA Inc. has just recently released a brand new Multiplayer Combat video for the “Medal of Honor Limited Edition” SKU, onto Sony Corp.’s PS3. If you want to check the Multiplayer Combat video out, you can below this post.

The said video includes the Combat Mission Mode. This is a mode in which Coalition Forces have to clear five consecutive objectives, as well as preserve the team’s health meter to win the game. The “Medal Of Honor” Limited Edition SKU will be available for purchase from October 12th.

There has been quite a bit of controversy surrounding the new “Medal of Honor” game, which takes place in modern day Afghanistan. In fact, sales of the upcoming game have already been banned on many US military bases, although service members will still be able to buy the game elsewhere.

You can read more about this game via Will you be buying “Medal of Honor” when it releases?

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