NFL: Saints vs Vikings opener – Keeping the party going

NFL: Saints vs Vikings opener – Keeping the party going

The new NFL season opened last night with a game featuring defending Super Bowl champions, the New Orleans Saints, against the Minnesota Vikings. The Saints vs Vikings was a much-awaited game and the celebrations that marked the end of the last season for the New Orleans Saints didn’t take long to get going again as they beat the Vikings 14-9.

Before the game the national anthem was sung by Colbie Caillat and you can read more about that here. Back to the game though and Drew Brees was the main man for the Saints once again while Brett Favre for the Vikings, playing in his 20th NFL season, was limited in what he could do because of the solid Saints defense. The game began in style with Brees heading a 77-yard drive downfield to find Devery Henderson. Brees went on to complete 27 of 36 passes for 237 yards plus one touchdown, according to Sky Sports.

By the break however the Vikings were ahead 9-7 but Brett Favre and the team failed to gain any more advantage as they were closed down by the Saints defense. There were some missed opportunities though as Favre failed to connect with both Greg Camarillo and Greg Lewis and said afterwards, “There were three or four throws I just missed – there is no excuse, I just missed.”

For more on this go to Sky Sports. What did you think of the opening game of the 2010 NFL season? We’d be interested to hear your thoughts on this so please do send in your comments.

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