America’s Got Talent 2010: Jackie Evancho strikes again, with VIDEO

America’s Got Talent 2010: Jackie Evancho strikes again, with VIDEO

The top ten finalists performed last night on America’s Got Talent 2010 and once again there were some great performances. We brought you an article earlier asking who gets your vote and it’s worth remembering this week the judges don’t get to vote.

Earlier in the run we wrote how Jackie Evancho, the 10-year-old singer, had surprised and stunned the audience on her first performance and also gave you a video of the moment to watch. After another great performance last night we thought you might like to see a video of her latest recital so you can see it below this story.

An article over on the Examiner by Jodi Hill tells how last night Jackie sung like an angel and looked like one too and that’s pretty much what we felt too. Once again she received a standing ovation from the audience and Sharon Osborne described her as “heavenly.” We’ll have to wait until tomorrow night though to find out if she managed a place in the final four.

For more on this go to What do you think of Jackie Evancho and her performance last night? Do you think any of the other acts such as Fighting Gravity can challenge her? We’d welcome your comments on this so please do share your thoughts with us.

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  • Telliott

    She's definitely the most talented and should win the competition. Some people are getting confused and are trying to choose a Las Vegas headliner instead of the most talented of the field. After all, the show is AGT not LVGT. Other good performances were offered up the Grasso, Grim, and Prince Poppycock…who may end up surprising people.

  • Diana Davis

    This child sings like an angel. I am compelled to watch her and I don't even like opera. She has a charisma like no other. As wonderful as she is, I don't believe she is a Las Vegas act. She's too good for that. She is more the Metropolitan Opera. I do
    believe Fighting Gravity would make a fantastic Las Vegas act, one I would buy a ticket for. And, if Jackie was singing at the
    Metropolitan Opera, I'd buy a ticket for that too!

  • Liz

    This performance haunted me (in a good way) all night!

  • Nancy Rocker Knecht

    an angelic performance!

  • pjjjw

    Jackie, you are a winner already…your performance last night was so beautiful,, I couldn't breathe. I heard a professional singer perform this song (my favorite) several years ago in my town and I have to say you are right up there with the best. Don't let people discourage you with their doubts and nasty comments…they are just jealous and don't understand real gifted and talented children., My son was 10 when he surprised everyone at a school program one day when he sat a piano and played "piano man" without any music, no lessons and no training! even I was shocked,. he is 35 now and music is his gift and he uses it for God by working at a church as a liturgy and music minister, he is married and has 4 children ….all gifted musically as well as his wife. he composes music ,has a cd. sings for weddings. in college he had the lead in most of the musicals, etc., I was a single parent and loved my 2 children as your parents do you. follow your dream and God's will for you as you and your family are truly blessed.

  • Don

    I still believe she's faking it. I don't know how and I don't know why the producers are letting her get away with it, but it's obviously not her voice. It's too perfect. Never a wrong note. Never a stumble. Not at her age. I'd like to talk to someone who is at her rehearsals to get the real story. Even when she sings for someone casually, it doesn't sound anything like her performances. If she is that great, she wouldn't have been confined to YouTube. She would have been on Leno or Oprah. It will all come out sooner or later.

  • babeeddy

    There a artists, there are stars and superstars and then there are real living angels like Jackie Evancho!

  • Jeff

    In all my years I have never witnessed any thing like this. The young lady sang like a angel from heaven. There are some great acts on the show this year, however Jackie is in a league of her own. There simply is no comparison. She is not a Vegas act but that doesn't mean she she deserves to win. I look forward to following her career and where it takes her.

  • Bill

    She is Just Wonderful and Heavenly



  • Elizabeth P MAINE

    This brought tears to my eyes!! Such a BEAUTIFUL voice…..angels are all I can think of!

  • Kathy

    This child is not from this earth! She is an angel! We are witnessing something very very historic with these performances!

  • Edward Minter

    Jackie Evancho is everything everybody has said she is and more. Her talent is above reproach, her looks heavenly and her stage presence is outstanding. How anyone could beat her will be a mystery because I believe she will win by leaps and bounds.

  • Daniela Randisi Fuchs

    Amazing. Such an angelic voice!

  • Ellen

    I am thoroughly enjoying America's Got Talent…this is the best season…by far!! I believe the top four should be any one of the last five performances from last night's show. As a Canadian, I, unfortunately cannot vote; however, I must say that, it would be very difficult to decide from the last 5 performances. They were all fantastic. America certainly has a difficult job ahead of them!!! I sincerely hope they make the right choice this year and I still question their choice from last season…oops, so sorry but I strongly disagreed with their choice. Best of Luck to all the contestants!!!

  • Charles Amato

    I ts hard to say that the other acts arent very talented, but when you have an eight year old child that sings like an adult
    and with all the humility and poise that she has ,that she should go all the way to the top.
    I think that she is amaaaaaaaaazing.

  • Harry Westfall

    You are aware, are you not, that Jackie has already appeared with noted producer David Foster and is slated to appear at Carnegie Hall (!) in December with Tim Janis. She sang the National Anthem at the Pittsburgh Pirates home opener this year, and you still insist she faking it! What an idiot!!

  • Gil G.

    Every few centuries God sends gifts or signs to draw us toward him. This time he sent Jackie.
    Can't imagine the pride her parents must feel.

  • Dan

    perfection always brings out idiots, they do not know how to handle it. anyway who cares about him. I look forward to her next performance.

  • Sue

    Talk about a Cultural Ignoramus.

  • david

    The best way for you to determine for yourself she is the real deal is the youtube vid of her singing at the Pirates home opener.
    No music accompaniment; just her and the mic. Listen to how she hits the high note at the end.

  • joe

    it's hard to believe that there are idiiots like don. when you see an angle …just believe it.

  • Marilyn Noel

    This child has been gifted from birth. No one could bless an audience without having a voice that is undoubtedly God-given.. And. . . she is beyond description in her capability of communicating such feeling and depth. I am so glad I have witnessed such an endowment..

  • Peter NAzzario

    Jackie evanco sucks dont vote for her she is to young to be in vegas and to be on stage. plus if she sings like that at such a early age then it will ruin here voice

  • Joyce

    I play and replay each performance, what an amazing voice, and the way she handles her stage presence, a winner for sure.
    Jackie, you get my votes.

  • Trayman

    thats a good one DON…how can an adult be so clueless.guess some people just spend too much time in the cloaset ..fact is there were mistakes….you have no ear for perfect pitch and obviously missed the mistakes..Jackie Evancho will win this she touches millions will her emotional expression, interpretation of voice…the sincereity, innocense and movement stagger people…shes a real gift to music…

  • DrDrey

    She will be the new vegas act…..Vegas would be out of there mind to turn away sucha crowd pleaser and money maker…

  • Musicman

    Peter your an immature boy, who has not yet learned a bout such womderful things that emotion brings to people when they witness such a wonderful performance that Jackie Evancho brings…NO other act on the show comes close to the expression of heart felt emotion in Jackies performance….

  • nik

    Well, part of the the prize IS a Headline show in Vegas after all. its really not a surprize that people are taloring ther votes to what the final prize will be: 1,000,000 and a healdline show at Ceaser's Palace in Vegas.
    I would not wish such a thing on a 10 year old child

  • Jason

    I don't know about the Metropolitan Opera, but she is scheduled to perform at Carnegie Hall in December. Also, Vegas is only one show.

  • dog

    Don and Peter, you're both douche bags.

  • Hello65

    I was so moved by this young artist who knows her calling. I love it!!!!!

  • Trenie Penrod

    I grew up in the 50's and 60's and of course have always loved music from that era. I heard Jackie and the most beautiful voice that I have ever heard in my entire life, she will and deserves to surpass even her dreams. I will purchase the first CD made.

  • Condor001

    She sings well for a child, but certainly not perfectly. Last week her performance was riddled with bad notes and this week her enunciation and pronunciation were very bad. Still, she does sing quite well for a child. Unfortunately, this is a talent competition for all ages and she must be judged not as a child but rather by the same standards applied to all competitors. An adult with her missed notes and poor enunciation and pronunciation would not be considered a God-given Miracle sent to save mankind. She'd be considered a talented singer not yet ready for prime time who needs a bit more work.

  • Jan G Hansen

    Lots of greetings from Denmark. This increadible voice has reached our little country. Amazing !!!!

  • TMurph

    DO NOT VOTE FOR JACKIE! Think about it: she's only 10 years old and not cut out for a complete Vegas routine. Poppycock and Fighting Gravity are much better stage preformers who could captivate an audience for hours. EVEN THOUGH JACKIE HAS AN ANGELIC VOICE DOESN'T MEAN THAT SHE WOULD FIT IN AS A VEGAS ACT NOR THAT ANYONE SHOULD SPEND HARD EARNED CASH ON WATCHING HER SING OPERA. America, please use your head!

  • Sue

    She has been reincarnated from an opera singer no doubt. A very special persn indeed

  • Cam

    You are nuts and totally out in left field. I have sung all my life and recognize the technical ability she possesses! She cracked on her final note two weeks ago — was that fake too???

  • Steph

    Are you crazy?? Her pronunciation, enunciation, and pitches were right on — the only thing I noticed was a final note cracked a couple of weeks ago. She has had superb vocal coach training.

  • Scott

    Who should I vote for then? Maybe Fighting Gravity? Probably not, considering the fact that their act is lacking in both originality and execution, not to mention the fact that they committed a major error during their finals performance. Maybe Michael Grimm who sang a low difficulty song without any major errors? It's kind of hard to vote for a marginally talented guy who plays it safe in the finals. Next we have Prince Poppycock, whose performances normally include lots of pomp and flash (although his finals performance was boring and uninspired), but unfortunately he himself exhibits little actual talent. That brings us to the ten year old operatic prodigy who has more talent in her pinky finger than the rest of the finalists have in their entire bodies! A ten year old tackling one of the most difficult to perform opera songs ever composed, and pulling off a technically perfect performance with what appeared to be apparent ease! Throw in a healthy dose of stage presence, a large helping of self-confidence, and a monumental amount humility, and you've got Jackie Evancho! If there was ever a "no-brainer" solution to anything, voting for Jackie Evancho would be it!

  • Berliner80

    Is that the best you can do? Because you haven't heard someone sign like that at that age, you can't believe it's genuine?
    Come on Don, there's no way it would have gone undetected, and the show isn't that desperate for ratings that it would cheat the audience like that.

  • Jane Lee Pankovitch

    She has a voice that heals the planet. She is an angel. It`s incredible but it`s true! She makes me tear up every time…it touches the soul. She is more than talent….she is pure light.

  • Galen

    Ten year old Jackie Evancho once again wowed America when she performed Pie Jesu before a packed house on "The Tonight Show" with Jay Leno, and yet again received a standing ovation! Actor Jimmy Smits said she sounded "like an angel, like a voice from God"! AMAZING!

  • Larry

    Just a few days after she 'lost' on AGT, Jackie was on the Jay Leno show – Jay's audience jumped by 2,000,000 viewers. And her performance, both the 'Get Funky' cheer and an even better performance of 'Pie Jesu', added to Jackie's legend.

    Jackie is already in hot demand on the talk show rounds – Ellen, the View, and others. It will be interesting to see if any of the other finalists make it to a talk show. And I saw one report that Jackie has been offered a six figure offer to, guess what – headline a Vegas show.

  • jack

    Right on

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