Samsung Galaxy Tab: Vodafone Get Tablet, Price Missing

Samsung Galaxy Tab: Vodafone Get Tablet, Price Missing

Over the past few weeks we have been bringing you quite a few snippets of information about the much-anticipated Samsung Galaxy Tab, including the unofficial price and carrier. Now it appears that Vodafone UK has just confirmed that it will be getting the Samsung Galaxy Tablet.

However, according to a recent article over at by Kelly, details still appear to be rather limited, with the launch date just noted as “Coming Soon.” Vodafone UK is currently keeping mum on the official release date of the Galaxy Tab, and have stated that it will be sometime in October.

They are also keeping quiet about one of the most important factors of them all – the price. Although the official pricing remains a mystery (for now), some online retailers have said that its price could well be anything from $800, up to a staggering $1000.

This may not necessarily be the case though, as Samsung executives have publicly stated a price of around $200 to $400. You can read more about this story via Will you be buying the Samsung Galaxy Tablet when it is released?

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