Killzone 3 release: New frontier of 3D gaming – early days

Killzone 3 release: New frontier of 3D gaming – early days

A few weeks ago we brought you a Killzone 3D preview and it has to be said that the conclusion about the Pre-Alpha version of the game was not favourable with the 3D giving low resolution and taking away from the graphical fidelity of the game. Overall it was said that the game was not yet ready for preview and it was hoped it would improve drastically before the actual release.

Now Winda Benedetti over on MSNBC has reported on the Penny Arcade Expo that took place this week and also some of the problems and unexpected challenges that Guerrilla Games has had about moving the game into 3D. Killzone 3 is as many of you already know, a first-person shooter game for the PlayStation 3 and one of the first in a new spate of stereoscopic 3D games that will be coming.

Senior Producer at Guerrilla Games, Steven Ter Heide, explained some of the unanticipated problems the team working on Killzone 3 in 3D faced. For example have you ever thought about blood spatter, and where it should be placed in a 3D game. This may sound pretty simple but apparently it brought them some difficulties. Imagine a normal first-person shooter game where the blood spatter just appears on the surface to let users know a character’s health is vulnerable. Now translate that to a 3D world where users should feel they are in the world and could reach out and touch the objects. It would look rather odd for the blood spatter to just be sort of floating around.

This is just one of the many snags the development team had to face when translating the game into 3D. Benedetti also notes in the article that she was able to play Killzone 3 in 3D for a while and her opinion of the game was that “the sense of depth and immersion in the world is truly remarkable.” She also noted however that after a time it became rather overwhelming and she thought that it could become tiring on the eyes although Ter Heide reminds us that users will be able to opt in and out of stereoscopic 3D whilst playing the game.

The release date for Killzone 3 is 22 February, 2011 and as a footnote it’s worth mentioning Ter Heide’s words when he said, “It’s still the very early days. We’re still figuring out what we need to do to make it a better experience for most people.” For more on this go to What do you think of what you’ve heard of the stereoscopic 3D version of Killzone 3? We’re always interested to hear what you have to say so why not send us a comment.

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