Buckyball Google Doodle – 25 years since discovery

Buckyball Google Doodle – 25 years since discovery

We occasionally bring you news of special Google Doodle’s which usually commemorate the anniversary of something or someone, or a special event. If you go to the Google homepage and look at the Google logo on those days it depicts a different image or scene and recent examples of Google Doodles have celebrated the Wizard of Oz, or only in the last week one for Mary Shelley, author of Frankenstein.

Today’s Google Doodle is celebrating the 25th anniversary of the Buckyball. For those of you unsure of what a buckyball is, including myself, apparently it’s a specially shaped molecule discovered by a group of scientists and named after Richard Buckminster Fuller, according to an article over on The Guardian.

If you click on the buckyball on the Google Doodle it takes you to the Google search page, or alternatively if you swipe it with your cursor it moves and spins in different directions. Now I have to confess on reading the full details of the buckyball I’m at a loss to describe much more about it, science not being my thing, but in the words of the Guardian article, “Buckyball is the colloquial name used to describe a spherical fullerene – an abbreviation of buckminsterfullerene, its full name. There are a variety of different buckyballs depending on the structure – the most recognisable, and first discovered, is the Buckminsterfullerene C60.”

So there you go! I won’t pretend to understand anything about molecular structures but as a Google Doodle it’s pretty cool so why not take a look. For more on this go to guardian.co.uk. What are your thoughts on the Buckyball Google Doodle? Why not send us a comment to let us know.

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  • Bill

    The buckyball doodle hogged 50% of my cpu when I wasn’t displaying the page in a Firefox tab and 100% of the cpu when I made that tab active. Bet Google is going to get reamed over this one. The doodle is cool, but rude it brought my machine to it’s knees

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