Apple iTunes 10 Download Confirmed: Ping Explained

Apple iTunes 10 Download Confirmed: Ping Explained

The highly-anticipated September 2010 Apple event is well underway now, and we’ve already brought you news on some of the announcements that have taken place. This includes the iOS 4.1 / 4.2 update, the new iPod Nano, and of course the new Apple iPod Touch.

However, according to a recent article by Donald Melanson at, Apple also announced the iTunes 10 download, which in fact comes with a completely new logo. Although iTunes 10 may not have come as a surprise, the iTunes 10: Ping feature probably did.

You may now be wondering what Ping is, and that is where I can help by explaining. Ping is in fact Apple’s take on a social network that is centred round music. This great feature will allow users to post comments, establish friends and check out custom single and album charts.

It will even allow you to find over 17,000 concert listings, and follow people including your favorite artists. What makes it even more impressive, is the fact that Ping is making the jump to the iPod Touch and the iPhone and is now available with iTunes 10.

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  • ninagosaimas

    This one could be so great if Ping is online and doesn't only remains on your desktop. iTunes 10 Unbiased View

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