Blade Kitten: New Customisable Character Trailer

Blade Kitten: New Customisable Character Trailer

Blade Kitten is a new game from Atari which is in development for the Xbox Live Arcade, Playstation Network and the PC. We here at Only Kent were sent a press release for the game, with a brand new trailer showcasing the many costumes which are available for the main character.

Blade Kitten stars Kit Ballard, a bounty hunter who is part cat, part girl and wholly lethal. The game is a side scrolling platformer which includes combat, vehicle play on Noot, a rideable alien mount and puzzle solving to create an experience which offers something different for anime and platforming fans alike. Blade Kitten is set to be released later this year, in September.

See below for the new trailer which has been released, showing the many different costumes which players can unlock for Kit during the game. We are also promised different weapons which can be unlocked, but it is unclear whether these play differently from Kit’s main weapon, the Darque Blade, or whether they are just re-skins of the same weapon.

Several things worry me about this game. First off is the $15 price tag. That’s £10 for those in the UK and 1200 Microsoft Points for those who understand the complicated Xbox marketplace pricing scheme. For 1200 Microsoft Points, you can buy many other games including Limbo and Monday Night Combat. Competition could be a huge problem for Blade Kitten.

One other thing in the press release caught my eye. It said “A two part mini-series available exclusively via digital distribution”. This worries me. If indeed this is two part, do they expect that consumers will pay $30 for the whole game? This could however be me reading it wrong, so don’t take that as fact.

For more information about Blade Kitten, check out the official website, or see the new trailer embedded below.

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