Chile Mine Collapse: Nothing short of a miracle as 33 trapped are alive

Chile Mine Collapse: Nothing short of a miracle as 33 trapped are alive

On August 5 a mine collapse in Chile led to 33 miners missing and hope was rapidly running out that any of them would survive. Now it seems as though something not short of a miracle has happened as news came that today (Sunday), 17 days on, all 33 workers appear to be alive.

The collapse occurred at the San Jose mine, near Copiapo as the miners were working 700 meters below ground but now President Sebastian Pinera has announced that all 33 are alive. Apparently rescuers heard hammering when they sent a new probe into the mine and then received a response. A note was sent back tied on to the probe which read, “All 33 of us are fine in the shelter,” according to BBC News.

Mr. Pinera was holding the note as he said, “It will take months to get them out. It will take time, but it doesn’t matter how long it takes, to have a happy ending.” Until they can get the miners out the rescuers will use the borehole to send down narrow tubes with, food, hydration and other equipment.

For more on this go to BBC News. The word “miracle” is often over-used these days but to me and no doubt the miners’ families and friends, this really does seem like a miracle. What are your feelings about the news? Please do send us your comments as we’re interested to hear your opinions.

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  • Raul

    I'm agnostic, but this IS a miracle.

  • SGJ

    I work at a mine in Ontario Canada..and its great news to hear that everyone is lets get them out :)

  • ben jorgenson

    Wow. this is absolutely crazy
    Best of Luck

  • tom

    what luck

  • sally

    yeah its a miracle!

  • poopman 21

    thats great lets get them out

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