Video release of White iPhone 4 being unboxed…but don’t get too excited

Video release of White iPhone 4 being unboxed…but don’t get too excited

Now we know many of you hoping to see reports of the Apple White iPhone 4 release will be reading every piece of news hoping it contains the information you want. However we don’t have the news you’re waiting for just yet. We’ve posted numerous articles about the White iPhone 4 being delayed, and being delayed again.

We’ve wondered if Apple really can’t manage to manufacture the White iPhone yet, because of various problems reported why they don’t at least offer it in some other colors instead. We recently also told of a White iPhone on the loose and how in fact it was a red herring. Apple is still maintaining its most recent line which is just that it will be available later this year, but today another white iphone 4 has been spotted, according to Kelly on IntoMobile, sourced from 9to5mac.

The White iPhone 4 is shown being unboxed and is apparently the genuine article and we’ve put the video below this story so you at least see what you’re currently missing out on. Now what I don’t quite understand about this is if this is the genuine article how come it can’t be produced for the masses yet.

If you take a look at the video, the White iPhone 4 in it looks pretty good to me and doesn’t show any signs of mis-shaped casings or discoloration. Unless maybe Apple is still working on getting the antenna problem right before it’s released and that’s not yet been managed, we can’t imagine why they just can’t release it now. For more on this go to What do you think of the White iPhone in the unboxing video? Would you like to get your hands on it right now? We’re interested to know how you feel about this so please do sound off with a comment to us.

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  • ninagosaimas

    The main reason why this delay is happening is because apple is making sure that when the white version arrive. It won't have any antennagate issue. White iPhone 4 Impressions

  • Fwd

    I've got a black one, now I want a white one … I mean iPhone 😀

  • sEa

    As soon as the white iPhone 4 32 is available, the wife gets my black 1 :) Nice job on the vid, thanks.

  • lesh

    How does this random Canadian guy get a White iPhone before anyone else?

  • knownguy

    Apple logo is on back is silver isn’t it supposed to be a black apple logo on back of the white iPhone . Is this video real or fake

  • Mac Maniac

    i bet he buy it really expensive.

  • lance balla

    im waitin for the white one too got the black 3gs now

  • Vivo

    Its ok, next wednesday september 15, ill have the first Black&White iPhone 4!

  • Mhm

    Its fake guys

  • Biggbudz

    That not a fake I know a couple people in San Fernando vary with the whit iPhone 4

  • Serg

    It`s fake, because there is no sim tool with iPhone 4 included

  • Mark weddine

    It's not fake because I got the one too. :). I ordered the white iPhone 4 last month.. but luckily got the white one.

  • Mondongo

    Absolute, complete, total BULLCRAP. Liar Liar pants on fire!

  • Bigg_budz

    More proof the white iphone4 is out there my friend candys

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