Call of Duty Black Ops Zombies: Viral hints

Call of Duty Black Ops Zombies: Viral hints

For all of you die hard COD fans out there who are trying to find out whether we will get zombie mode on Black Ops, you may be in luck. According to reports from Jamie Pert at Product-Reviews, it has been revealed that on the CoDBlackOps blog some very interesting information has come to light.

Some documents have been received by a writer on the blog which promote Black Ops, and on one of the pages was an un-labeled chemical compound known as Tetrodotoxin. The compound which can be seen by following the links above has also been referred to as “Zombie Powder” and this could strongly hint towards the return of the massively popular game that Treyarch included in 2008’s World at War. Nazi Zombies which was played in four different maps such as Shi No Numa and Der Riese, became arguably more popular than WAW’s multiplayer.

Many rumors of a map pack 4 were being thrown around everywhere with high anticipation and hope for a new map, but unfortunately nothing was released. If you have played Zombie mode then you will be aware that as well as it just being a game there is a story line included which can be followed via listening to the secret radios and other types of Easter-egg like information in the map.

It has become apparent that Doctor Maxis was responsible for the creation of the Zombies, and going back to the compound mentioned above this could indicate another form of involvement into their creation. According to the radio messages in Der Riese, Doctor Richtofen who is one of the playable characters was also behind the Zombie creation and ultimately betrayed Maxis who continually repeated the need of Element 115. All of the information gathered indicated that the next location that zombie mode would be played in was in Area 51, Nevada. No official word as such has been released yet but with Black Ops out for the PS3 and X Box 360 in 3 months, it is likely we will hear more in due course. Personally I expect the official announcement to be made very soon. Why would they not include Zombies, when it is so popular and will make them so much extra money? Also follow the link to see my article on the brand new multiplayer gameplay for Black Ops and to see the trailer.

Are you hoping zombie mode will be included in Black Ops? If so do you think the compound is hinting at the Zombies return? Let us know what you think by leaving a comment.

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  • Mike Nguyen

    Hints has been giving us info,but we are waiting for Zombies..Why can/t't they just say that there's zombies!.Multiplayer Preview was shown on 8-9-10. Maybe the next preview after multiplayer might be zombies.


    they are braindead if they leave out zombies, that is the greatest sh!t of all time as far as alternate games go.

  • GKnova6

    i think that treyarch are playing it smart , for the moment . they are trying to get the fans antisipation to the top of breaking point. many people only bought call of duty: world at war for the nazi zombies game and i think that treyarch should be thinking of at least giving the public hints or a trailer for the zombies add-on. if treyarch dont include zombies it would be a major blow in their reputaion. but i had a thought if treyarch dont have nazi zombies in black ops at the begining of release , they could probaly sell it as a mappack like they did on call of duty wolrd at war , think about it treyarch would make more profits that way because every one would pay to get their hands on one of the best gaming add-ons ever to hit gaming. … lots of love treyarch 11.9.10

  • Huntray

    I never got round to purchasing the WaW game as i disliked the idea of going back through time after playing modern warfare 1, but when ever i was round a friends house and they asked me if i wanted to play zombies, there was no way i was saying no… the thrill of shooting the un-dead and ultimatley die ing a very strange (and interesting) death. I will proberly buy this game regardless of zombies, but i would pre-order it with the collectors edition if zombies was introduced!!!!! (offically introduced)

  • Fred

    I HOPE they're going to announce it on September 1st, with there FULL multiplayer reveal.

  • james

    I love the nazi zombie thing. It is so addictive and i still play it to this day. Modern warfare 2 was a big let down for me so i cannot wait for black ops. Thanks for the review.

  • bubblewrapper

    If u guys put in nazi zombies it will b the best cod game ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

  • John

    Zombies are going to back and I think its very evident. Shaun Piccinino is already voiced as a zombie in full credits.

  • unnamedgeek

    I wish they would release the PC zombie maps for the PS3/Xbox ?? Why Not?? There are more maps we dont see cause they havent released them on consoles? why? You would think they would release one map every 2-4 months, I love them.

    I wish they would make a stand alone game. just a level creeper would be good for me, kinda like rock band, hit a certain point level and unlock more locations for zombies, that would rock!!!

    COD black ops looks awesome! Ive already preordered, heh

  • nunyabiz

    well first off if they put zombies in black ops its not going to be (nazi zombies) its the end of wwII no more nazis!!! its the cold war now so the zombies would be more advanced looking! thats really pointless too say i hope they bring nazi zombies back! when you should be saying i cant wait for the new zombies too be coming out! we have all played the nazi's time to move on! so BRING ON THE ZOMBIES IN COD: BLACK OPS and have it playable up to 4 players that would be evennnnn greater! not putting zombies in black ops wouldnt bring them down but it would let a HUGE FANBASE DOWN without a doubt!

  • Tank Dempsey

    I got a feeling that nazi zombies will be back and this time it will have a story right from the start instead of starting from shi no numa or if ur real hardcore, the second zombie map verrickt or somat like that – anyway i reckon that there are gonna be answers to some question left from the last zombies. Treyarch are dumb if they dont incluide a zombie game mode – What's better than killing zombies with tricked out weapons cant wait!!!!!!

  • Ed Richtofen

    I think Zombies will be back in Black Ops. The Intel, teasers and countless Easter eggs point to some form of zombies and the continuation of the story from Cod: WaW Nazi zombies. Knowing Treyarch they will probably release the teaser for the co-op mode late September. And the full trailer if they find necessary on Halloween (seems logical). =) And then the game, all they need is a teaser to make the community **** their selves! lol! Thumbs up if you agree, and if you love zombies in Call of Duty!!!!!!!

  • Jack

    the official treyarch ipod application about black ops states that zombies are indeed back……. surely im not the first person to know this?

    no reason to wait til they announce it over the internet……the app has all the basic info about what is included in black opps, and whats better is its official.

  • Treyarch43284593

    I agree, but, Adding "nazi" zombies would mean it wouldn't be in the games era, what about cuban zombehs?! or soviet zombies. 😀

  • SomeOne

    I cant wait until black ops and zombie mode is pretty much confirmed. If you go on Call of Duty Black Ops 247 the first article(on august 13th) will talk about how some kid went to Gamestop and pre ordered the hardened or prestige edition(doesnt matter) and the casheir(spelled wrong : ( pulled out a four page sheat and for the hardended edition details said it came with -Premium steelbook casing($10value)-Custom Black Ops Emblem medal($10value) “WOODS”Avatar outfit for xbox 360 and PSN home($5value) and what weve been waiting for-four exclusive Zombie maps from W@W updated for Black ops engine($15 value) so yah visit Call of Duty Black Ops 247 if you dont believe me and look for the article. HOORAH!! Soldiers be prepared to kick some ZOMBIE A** in Black Ops uless that article was FAKE! :)

  • anthony

    if you go on the gamestop website and look up black ops there is a description about the hardened edition or prestige edition. etc. that if purchased the player will get 4 maps…. sounds like zombies to me

  • boob


  • joe

    i love zombies i hope they come out and say hey we have 4 new zombie map packs ……………….pray to god they do

  • penis luver

    Yappp ,

  • ihaveahardcock65

    woot zombie is back i seen a video on youtube someone hacked in the website and he found a zombie video and it was black ops

  • muertesolo

    ZoMbIes world rocks….I also cant wait to get my hands on black ops, it looks sweet and I do hope all these rumors about zombie maps on balck ops is true that would so sweeeeeeeet!!!!

  • madman17

    i have to say i am a die hard fan of cod waw zombies i even have a small scale video online and i say small scale because its on the touch which isent super bad they have ok grahics but i really hope they out a version of zombies in black ops because it would be cool and insted of sticking you in a house give you a pistol to statr out with but put you in the streets of like new york and you have to buy ur way out of a building and the buildings should hold weapons like a m16 the you chan upgrade it to the m16a2 or like the ak47 or a 50 cal. sniper rifle or cool weapons like that heavy machine guns and even a cool gun like a wunder waff can be thrown into the mystery box that you can find in a building…

    that simply is how i would do it but i have to say i would not be upset at all if they keep it like they have been on waw but i would have to be mad if one of these two things happened

    1.) they do not decide to add zombies which not only would be bad but would also hurt there sales

    2.)if they add nazi zombis but they do not add the abilty to run outside like in shino numa or another map pack they made wats it called with the teleporters and the pack a punsh machine oh ya der rise because in der rise you do not even start inside you start able to move aroun and run outside to the two stairs which have a baricade in them.

    3.)i would not be upset however if you had to beat the game and then pay like 5 bucks for a good map and they should have some good maps aviable to chose fome and you should get a preview like you do on the touch version to see if on of these things is good about it

    are you able to run around outside & or is your inside space a decent size as well caus elike naruchert do urten the defult map on nazi zombies you are stuck in this very small space only 4 places to open i know it was there fist map but come on they made shino numa in the next 2 months so i mean come on they could have made it with a little more space cause unless u glitch on that map which is easy on ps3 and even easyer on the touch u run at the wall unplug and plug in and ur stuck in wall just like on ps3 but that is only way u can get past round like 60 cause there is no wuner waff so they kill u fast unless ur lucky enough to get a flame thrower and u have to constantly move

    on shino numa u can open gate run down stairs and hide where stairs are and door and they have to come at u from 1 door but ur easy to trap in there. there is wunder waff on shino numa as well as some good weapons on wall in start likew thompson and the trench gun but i would have to say any 1 who wants to c my videos look up on youtube

    madman17ifs cod waw nazi zombie stragerty

    also i have a friend of the family who is working on the game in like 4 days he gets to game test it and he says he wont sleep till he beats it and tells me weather a version of zombies is on it or not now i dient say this but he says he heasr good things for this game waht theve let him c of it he says is so life like and awasom that he can barly describe it . they have let him test this for 1 reason its supposed to be out in like 2 months and myu dads friend can test 3 games a week and gewt them all done.

    now i plan to be on here in like 3 days to tell u all more over this subject and look up my vids i will be posting more this weekend even a lvl 200-205 stragerty on shino numa on touv=ch so bear with me untill that happens and ill be posting some guitar hero 3 stuff peace out


    ps look up spiderbites vides he got some good cod waw stuff

  • madman17

    email me if u have questions i will be checking my emails before i post eighter today or tommorow night c u all on the other side

  • madman17

    ihave posted some videos on utube of zombies on touch if u wanna c them look up madamn17ify round 200 vid part 1 i plan to upload part 2 which will be at about round 45 to 50 in about a week or 2 so watch all my vids ny utube username is madman17ify i got some zombies and some giutar hero stuff on my account

  • rick james

    zombies are coming back for hardened and prestige edition found on but removed the words there hinting for it to be quiet but if u click on bonus details pic shows ”4 bonus co-op playable maps” hopeing for new guns

  • CoDcOdCoD

    heard its gonna be soviets the only thing i would ask for is a page of maps witch PC players made. That would be awesome

  • rick james

    i want new guns like the AUG and new submachine guns new perks would be nice like stopping power or evan like online killstreaks would be f-ing sweet

  • dark br0

    i am not going to get black ops if it don't have zombies

  • scuffymcd

    I will not buy black opps if it has no zombie mode! I dont care about tyhe multiplayer because it will just turn into an even worse version of modern warefare 2s which was awful!!!! Please have zombies!!!

  • jakenbake

    why cant they just tell us theres zombies there pissing me off

  • Jonthan Siebel

    yea hes right it will make them more money the call of dutys should continue with zombies its populer

  • Matt aka The Super Grim

    there will for sure be a nazi zombie mode in black ops but what i really want to know is the story mode of the Waw nazi zombie mode but if you want those old maps then get the 150 or 80 dollar edition but i just played Waw mainly for nazi zombies and never knew that there was a story behind it so i need links or videos to the story and i’m getting to the new nazi zombie sotry in black ops and right now it sounds awsome so please feel free to send me a message on xbox live and lets defeat this zombies togther or let us die alone

    thanks very much The Super Grim

  • zombieshredder3197

    On the origanal nazi zombies on (WaW) I made it to lvl 50 which is very hard to do… And almost all my friends online have the mappacks. And I made it on lvl30 in Der riese with my friends. AND it was awsm. Treyarch should smack themselfs if they dont include zombies in the new release.

  • tyler

    they did duhhhhh

  • Justin Lee

    Dude, I just got Black Ops and its the coolest game in the series!

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