Chelsea Clinton’s Wedding – A very private affair

Chelsea Clinton’s Wedding – A very private affair

Today is almost like the British equivalent of a royal wedding in the U.S. with the marriage of former President Bill Clinton’s daughter Chelsea Clinton, to Marc Mezvinsky, a Goldman Sachs banker. The day has drawn a lot of media attention in the U.S. even though Chelsea Clinton is said to want as much privacy as possible over her big day.

Privacy of course does not come cheap. It will be an extravagant wedding rumored to be costing between $3 and $5 million taking place at Rhinebeck in New York, where around 400 guests will be invited to an estate, according to Katie Connolly on BBC News. No matter how private Chelsea Clinton wants the day to be, there’s no denying that having a former president for a father, and current Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton for a mother does not make a ‘quiet wedding’ very likely.

Aerial photographs have been taken of the Astor Courts Estate showing a large marquee erected in the grounds and apparently even the portaloos at a cost of $15,000 are in stylish porcelain. Oscar de la Renta was hotly-tipped to be the wedding dress designer but doubts were cast on that this week when Chelsea was seen entering a Vera Wang store. The bid for privacy goes on though as the The Associated Press reported there’s a no-fly zone above Rhinebeck today.

A lot of talk has surrounded the guest list and of course with the bride’s parents being who they are if they had invited everybody they felt they should have, the numbers could have quadrupled. Instead Chelsea or the groom are said to be personally connected to each guest, one way around offending the many who will have been left off the invitation list (although there are definitely some who’ve taken umbrage).

For more on this go to BBC News. Do you think Chelsea and her groom are right to keep the numbers down to those they know? Surely it’s their big day after all. Or maybe you feel that the wedding should have been a more public affair that everybody could share? We’d be interested to hear your thoughts on this so please do send in your comments.

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