White iPhone 4: Custom Skin

White iPhone 4: Custom Skin

We know how many of you are still hanging on waiting for that beautiful White iPhone 4. There has been so much reported on this in recent weeks but in case you’ve been out of the loop the original release was delayed. Then Steve Jobs announced at the recent Apple press conference that it would be available in late July, which was followed by a press release from Apple this week to say it will now not be available till late 2010 as there are still production problems.

So many people were disappointed at this development we posted an article to say maybe it would even be better not to bother waiting for the White iPhone 4. We could take it all back though after seeing what appears to be a beautiful white iPhone custom skin, with the Apple rainbow logo, news of which came to us from iPhone Savior.

It’s credited as coming from GelaSkins but the design doesn’t appear listed on its website. We have an idea it’s about to take off though as it really does look incredible and a great alternative for those who can’t wait any longer for the real White iPhone.

For more on this go to iphonesavior.com. Our photo comes courtesy of HamWithCam. What do you think of the look of this? We’d love to hear your thoughts and if any of you are going to try to get this custom skin.

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