Japanese Oil Tanker Damaged by Explosion in Persian Gulf

Japanese Oil Tanker Damaged by Explosion in Persian Gulf

A Japanese oil tanker was damaged by an explosion on Wednesday (July 28th), just as it was exiting the Persian Gulf. Although the cause of today’s blast was not immediately known, the tanker’s owner claims that the vessel may well have been attacked.

According to a recent article at abcnews.go.com by Adam Schreck, the blast onboard the M. Star super-tanker occurred shortly after midnight, as it was heading out of the Persian Gulf and entering the Strait of Hormuz, Japanese shipping company Mitsui O.S.K. Lines said.

Mitsui claims that the explosion – which happened at the back of the ship – was caused by a “suspected attack from the outside.” Eiko Mizuno, Mitsui spokeswoman, said: “We believe it’s highly likely an attack. There is nothing that can explode in that part of the vessel.”

Yuki Shimoda – an official at Japan’s Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism – said that the ministry was not immediately suspecting that it was an attack, but also added that the possibility cannot be ruled out at this stage.

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