iPhone 4 Case Giveaway – Time problem with Band-Aid solution

iPhone 4 Case Giveaway – Time problem with Band-Aid solution

We know that you’ve all heard by now of the free bumper or case giveaway for the iPhone 4, announced by Steve Jobs at the recent Apple press conference to discuss the iPhone’s reception problems. Jobs upset a lot of other manufacturers by saying all cell phones suffer the same issues which as you can imagine didn’t go down very well with some of the big names in the industry (article here).

Apparently using a bumper case can solve the problem though and so it seemed like a fair solution to offer each and every unhappy user, a free case. The iPhone 4 Case Program was then announced in the last few days and if you go to the App Store you can make your choice from a variety of cases or bumpers.

Alternatively Jobs offered every unhappy user a full refund if returning the phone within 30 days of purchase. Sounds fair enough? However an article over on PCWorld by Tom Bradley queries the timeline of this offer and he has a valid point to make.

Bear in mind that the shipping time for the free bumper or case is between 3 and 5 weeks, so if this apparent fix doesn’t work, your 30 day return refund offer may well have passed. Surely the 30 day refund offer should be from when customers receive their free bumper, not the date of their original purchase? The article suggests that if the problem is as rare as Apple want to imply, then you might be better off merely returning your iPhone and exchanging it for one that works properly.

When you think about it this does make more sense but it can be a wrench to give up your iPhone 4, however temporarily, and whatever its performance? For more on this go to pcworld.com. Are you applying for a free bumper or case, or maybe you’ll now think again and instead get a refund or exchange? We’d be really interested to hear what you’re planning to do so why not send us a comment.

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