Flooding Forces Milwaukee Airport to Close

Flooding Forces Milwaukee Airport to Close

Powerful thunderstorms have caused widespread flooding in the southern Wisconsin area, and has forced Milwaukee’s airport to close. According to authorities, the storms also opened up a giant sink hole, and hospitalized two people after they were struck by lightning.

According to a report at the Associated Press, heavy rain hit the region for several hours on Thursday (July 22nd), and the floods caused traffic jams along the water-blocked roadways. There were also reports from the National Weather Service of several tornadoes.

At the height of Thursday’s thunderstorm, a giant sink hole opened up at an intersection near downtown Milwaukee and swallowed a Cadillac Escalade. The state Division of Emergency Management said that prts of the city saw up to 7.5 inches of rain in only two hours.

The National Weather Service said there were tornado touchdowns near Whitewater, and more between Muskego and Palmyra. However, there were no immediate reports of any properties being damaged, or reports of anyone being injured.

Two people were hit by lightning, and were reportedly taken to St. Luke’s Medical Center in Milwaukee. Their conditions have not been released, emergency management officials say. The National Weather Service issued a new flash flood watch for all of the southern Wisconsin area.

Dozens of flights had to be cancelled at Milwaukee-General Mitchell International, which is said to have closed around 9:30 pm. Airport spokeswoman Pat Rowe said that the airport had to close, after floodwaters began covering parts of the runways.

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