Sony PS3 New Features: Could Outsell Xbox 360 and Nintendo

Sony PS3 New Features: Could Outsell Xbox 360 and Nintendo

In the current generation of consoles, according to overall sales, the Wii is on top, followed by the Xbox 360 and the PS3. However, after the current generation of consoles, could the PS3 emerge victorious?

Sherry Baldwin over at GoFanboy has an article up where she calls the Sony Playstation 3 ‘This generation’s Super Nintendo’. What she means by this is that during the Sega Mega Drive/Genesis vs Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES) console wars, the Mega Drive was released first and gained an early lead, but at the end of the life cycles of both consoles the SNES had sold more.

The question here is could the PS3 catch up and overtake both the Wii and the 360 in sales? With both Microsoft and Sony releasing their motion controllers sometime in the next year the current console lifecyle is going to last longer than previous generations. Does this mean that the Playstation 3 could beat out the competition?

The article seems to suggest so. The Playstation 3 has better motion controls than the Wii, more power than the 360 and the console has a growing number of awesome exclusive games like Infamous 2 and Killzone 3 as well as free online play. If they keep up their growth whilst their competitors stagnate, then the PS3 could be on top.

Which console is your favourite? Do you think the PS3 could ever bridge the sizeable gap between their sales and the sales of the Nintendo Wii? Let us know in the comments.

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  • Mike petel

    The PS3 doesn't have the best selection of games, and its standard controller is a dinosaur. It alone is the reason I won't invest in the console, it cramps my hands through poor design and analog placement. Most people I know, myself included, own both a 360 and a Wii for a varied experience and wide selection of games. The PS3's appeal as a blu ray player is gone with so many cheap alternatives available now, and I don't own a 3D TV…so the technology doesn't impress me. Maybe next time Sony, and please…change your traditional controller design already…its sucks.

  • Hardcore Gamer

    PS3 is the ultimate gaming platform. I don't understand why anyone would want an XBOX 360. The exclusives are poor compared to the PS3 and the future definitely points to a PS3 domination.

    PS3 has free online play, great exclusives, the best controller (along with upcoming Playstation Move) & Blue Ray just to name a few things.

    Another issue I have is once the 360 was released Xbox became a thing of the past. Microsoft pulled the plug on the online play while the PS2 is still sold, still has online game play and still is serviced by Sony. Microsoft is all about the MONEY and all about FORCING YOU to upgrade.


  • Hardcore Gamer


    I do love the Wii but the graphics are way too behind. I feel that the Wii will come out with a new console sooner than later but don't get me wrong this is still an awesome system. Personally I feel that every house hold needs a Wii and a PS3. Wii being the family system (Grandma/Grandpa & Kids) and PS3 for hardcore gaming and Blu Ray.

    I can still play most Xbox exclusives on my PC so why go to Xbox? Halo is on PC that leaves the 360 nothing and I still hate the controller and $50.00 yearly online fee. You don't even have that fee on PC only on the Xbox.

    Hate me if you will but PS3 is the best console hands down.

  • Andrew G

    you can actually get a bluetooth ps3 controller that has been modelled similiar to the xbox 360 but its not a sony product. i dont mind either controller, iv'e been using it since the ps2, so ive learnt to deal with it. the qwerty keyboard is not the best designed layout but im not going to change to anything else.

    the thing i keep hearing is that developers keep saying theres more to come out of the ps3 in terms of processing power and graphics etc and with the ability to harness the bluray space it seems it has the upperhand, i mean mass effect 2 had to use two discs cos xbox360 DVD sucks??

  • Hardcore Gamer

    I can't stand the ps3 controller that looks like a 360 controller. I think it's totally backwards. I've never been able to get used to a 360 controller.

    I think the ps3 controller is perfect which is why they haven't had to change it ever! Same controller for ps1, ps2 & ps3 only with upgrades like the analog sticks, rumble and blue tooth.

    I also love the rechargeable battery. If they are dead you can still plug in and play while it charges. Both 360 and wii use AA batteries which is okay but gets expensive with how much I play.

  • Hardcore Gamer

    Fable (1,2 & 3). Mass Effect (1 & 2) and Halo are all available on PC! There are no PS3 exclusives on PC so that brings to question. Does the 360 have any true "Exclusives"?

    And if so, does it matter after the before mentioned games are available on PC?

  • MAUL

    Me personally, I game on PC & XB360. Use my PS3 for BD movies & PS1 & 2 games. Though I do have a few PS3 exclusives.
    I like the graphics better on the 360. The multiplat games just look better with AA. I don't like jaggies when there's a better looking option. The 360 also upscales "games" to 1080p better than PS3.
    The PS3 beats out the 360 I think in the audio dept but to say the PS3 is the most powerful game console is a bit exaggerated.
    I'm not gonna compare the consoles to PC cause they're not in direct competition.
    If it's a Xbox 360 exclusive game. It just means it's not on PS3 or Wii. Same for PS3.

  • christopher

    actually playstations controllers didnt come from xbox or nintendo they stuck to the same controller look since it first came out it dont need to modify anything like xboxs & nintendos there consoles have always been different then xboxs & nintendos the only thing that is hurting them is since xbox & playstation dont use the same game creaters anymore

  • christopher

    but if i would say if it wasnt sony making playstation they be out of business right now

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