Windows 8 features and expectations

Windows 8 features and expectations

You may have noticed our article recently about a Windows 8 leak in the form of a slideshow and some teasers shown about an apparent Windows app store and instant bootup, (if not see here). Now we have a bit more detail about Windows 8 although it’s not expected for a couple more years yet.

Now Jon Brodkin over on, has taken a more in-depth look at the information from the slides which were planning documents shared with HP and other partners. Although details are thin on the ground he’s managed to come up with 8 things you’ll be able to do with Windows 8, based on planning from Microsoft at present.

Now this is a big one as you may be able to log in with your face instead of a password. The article points out that by 2012 the technology to enable this will be in most computers and one scenario Microsoft uses is that of a user who sits at his computer and facial recognition software logs the person in. When the user leaves the PC senses this too and closes down.

Another useful feature could be that users will not have to remember passwords for various sites because there will be a secure way of storing the information to make life easier. To read more about this go to What do you think of some of the features of the new Windows 8? Maybe you’d like to see a new feature we’ve not thought of? We’d be interested to hear your comments so why not let us know.

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