Verizon iPhone 4: AT&T Grip to End

Verizon iPhone 4: AT&T Grip to End

Yesterday we brought you a story regarding the possible release of a Verizon iPhone in January (see here). We know that many of you were waiting to hear the news earlier, expecting it to have been announced at WWDC in June and were disappointed when it never appeared.

It seems that the rumors of a January release are now gaining strength with many credible sources feeling that the story, originally from Bloomberg, is indeed accurate. An article by Adrian Kingsley-Hughes on ZD NET, says it looks as though the exclusive grip that AT&T have had on the Apple iPhone since its release in 2007, does look set to be over.

As our previous article said there are plenty of Verizon customers who desperately wanted to get their hands on the iPhone but who gave up when it wasn’t forthcoming at the WWDC. Some of you decided to change carriers to AT&T while others of you changed tack completely and opted for a Verizon Android handset instead.

For more on this go to We’d be interested to hear from you if you were one of patient consumers who decided to hang on and wait for a Verizon iPhone. January really isn’t too far away so are you glad you waited, or maybe you opted for an Android and are glad you did? Please do send in your comments.

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  • marialucia

    i think this is an amazing idea verizon defiantly deserves the i phone their sevice is great and i wanted to get the i phone for so long but it wasnt worth it or me to change to at&t i wouldnt do i rather have not have the fone and keep my service with verizon but now i can say u made my dreams true and i the i phone come out or verizon i'll be the first online or it. i been with verizon or almost 10 years and i would never change my service this is great news…. yayyyyy

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