Verizon Email Problems: Outage hits webmail service

Verizon Email Problems: Outage hits webmail service

For those of you having problems accessing your Verizon home webmail service we can tell you it’s not just you. An outage has brought the entire service down meaning you will be unable to login to access your email features.

Surprisingly there have not even been any updates issued yet about the outage so at present neither we nor anybody else presumably, has any idea when it may be up-and-running again. Alan Ng over on Product-Reviews has looked at Verizon’s Twitter page for information and nothing at all is available which does seem a strange way to endorse customer service.

There are many comments on the Product-Reviews post from users who are angry and upset at the outage and lack of information surrounding it. Many people report their email has been out for several hours now and the situation is understandably causing a lot of frustration and concern.

For more on this go to Are you affected by the outage and what do you think about the lack of information available to customers? We’d be interested to hear your thoughts.

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  • David

    I phoned Verizon FIOS tech support yesterday at 8 pm Eastern time and was told the outage started at 4 pm; that it was nationwide; and they didn't know when it would be fixed. It was still down as of 9:30 pm last night.

  • Ken Sturmer

    Their customer service is the worst! I think they are about to lose another customer. It's not so much the outage that angers me, but their response to it. "We are Ma Bell, we don't have to give a damn". New name, same old same old!

  • Barbara

    I have frequently found my Verizon EMAIL connection to be very fragile, but more importantly,. I NEVER find no info on the Verizon site for customers. If it were not such a pain in the ass the make changes in my service, I would do it sooner rather than later.

  • I Davis

    Webmail was out for a few hours yesterday , June 28th as well. But there was NOTHING on the 'net about it.

  • Verizon cust

    Not great customer service. Hold time 15 min. Could let public know they are having issues and not make us hold…

  • molly

    I was told by Verizon today it would be back up at 8 tonight…not so.

  • elaine

    changing services TODAY! Not the first time this has been a problem.

  • Ann

    I swtiched from Comcast to Verizon last Saturday (June 26th, 2010) and it's been nothing short of a nightmare. They screwed up my requested email address and still have yet to respond to that, then the outage. Being unemployed, not having e-mail is a serious issue and Verizon doesn't seem to care or have the common decency to let their subscribers know what's going on. As much as I wasn't a fan of Comcast, I'm SERIOUSLY considering going back to them after 5 days in to Verizon. FIOS / Verizon?? Not.

  • Guest

    I'm in Texas. My service has been intermittent for the past 4 days, gradually worsening to the point that I can't get on today. I'm done with Verizon tonight.

  • Eric

    My email died in the A.M. 2 August. With the switch happening from Verizon to Frontier I thought maybe it was part of that process.
    I am glad to see that I am not alone. Thanks

  • John

    Verizon webmail and direct email program used to access the server are not working in Philadelphia.

  • Bill

    I've been having trouble all day with not being able to receive emails from Verizon in my Windows Mail. Interesting enough, when I go on their website to get my email, I can see them listed——but I can't open them. The info about their servers being down in Philadelphia is interesting as I'm 2 hours east of there in PA.

    Hopefully they'll get this straightened out!

  • Bill

    Just got in touch with Verizon—–Yup, there's definitely an outage of email service in parts of the PA area. The person I talked to said that the problem may not be resolved for another 24-48 hours. Ain't modern technology grand??

    Thank goodness I have other email services to rely on!

  • kathy

    sitting here in central pa day 4 with no verizon email. Do not bother call tech support, what a waste one tech told me outage was over and one hour later another said there was still an outage. How long can it take to fix this???

  • Bill

    Around noon today I was able to get my email…………….but 8 hours later as I'm getting ready for work, POOF! No email again!

    Verizon better get its act together, lest they start losing customers!

    I did call Verizon tech support this morning (circa 9:00 AM) and he told me it would be several hours before service would return to the Central PA area. He didn't say how long service would last or if it would be intermittent as that's apparently the case. :(

  • cmbecker

    Millersville, Pa 8-24-2010 21:15
    Can get to my verizon email when accessing from the offoce comcast internet connection, not from my home Verizon DSL.
    Tech support, so sorry, wait 48 hrs outage to be fixed. That was 8-22 response, same today verifiedy via India TS
    verly hard to understan dem – out sourcing.

  • Bill

    Okay, just got home from work, and tried my email. My Windows Mail is running as it should——–HOPEFULLY it will stay that way! I also notice that Verizon's website seems to be up to snuff as well. I'm running Verizon's DSL in my home with a router BTW……..

    Makes you wonder if they might have got "hacked" instead of just had a simple "outage".

    And yes, the tech I spoke to was a little hard to understand………….welcome to the world of "outsourcing" folks! :(

  • Diana Maria

    I am in Florida. Can’t access my e-mail. I hope it gets fixed because I have bills to pay online.

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