World Cup 2010: Team & Group standings after all second round games

World Cup 2010: Team & Group standings after all second round games

Today we saw the second matches of the group stages concluded at the FIFA World Cup 2010. This means that every time in the finals has now played 2 of their 3 games in the opening stage. Many of you will want to know the details of the current team/group standings before the third games begin.

Here’s how the groups currently stands after 2 matches each:-

Group A) Uruguay 4 points, Mexico 4 points, France 1 point, South Africa 1 point
Group B) Argentina 6 points, South Korea 3 points, Greece 3 points, Nigeria 0 points
Group C) Slovenia 4 points, USA 2 points, England 2 points, Algeria 1 point
Group D) Ghana 4 points, Germany 3 points, Serbia 3 points, Australia 1 point
Group E) Netherlands 6 points, Japan 3 points, Denmark 3 points, Cameroon 0 points
Group F) Paraguay 4 points, Italy 2 points, New Zealand 2 points, Slovakia 1 point
Group G) Brazil 6 points, Portugal 4 points, Ivory Coast 1 point, North Korea 0 points
Group H) Chile 6 points, Spain 3 points, Switzerland 3 points, Honduras 0 points

Tomorrow, Tuesday June 22 will see the beginning of round 3 matches in Group A with France vs South Africa and Mexico vs Uruguay and then later in the day 2 Group B matches, Greece vs Argentina and Nigeria vs South Korea. There’s plenty of action still to come with the third round of matches ahead. Sadly some countries haven’t done enough after the first 2 games to stay in but after the next round of matches we may see some of the big names of the tournament kicked out after the opening stage.

For more on the group standings go to What are your thoughts on the World Cup 2010? Do you think any of the biggest names will go? Which teams do you think are in real danger of not progressing beyond the group stage? We’d be interested to hear your thoughts.

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