Verizon iPhone: A matter of when not if

Verizon iPhone: A matter of when not if

We know that many of you have been waiting avidly for some time for news of a Verizon iPhone and we were all expecting an announcement at the recent WWDC 2010. Alas although we heard the details of the newest iPhone, the iPhone 4, there was still no talk of an iPhone for Verizon, although we now hear that a Verizon executive says this is inevitable.

A couple of days ago we brought you the news that there is speculation that the next carrier to get the iPhone won’t in fact be Verizon, but will be T-Mobile (see story here). That pleased a lot of people but it’s still not a Verizon iPhone for customers loyal to them.

However it seems now that there is a little bit of good news for consumers wanting a Verizon iPhone. An article over on EWeek by Wayne Rash tells of an interview they had with Michael Maiorana, the Verizon president for the Washington, Baltimore and Virginia region at the National Press Club. Maiorana told E Week that the matter of a Verizon iPhone was a question of when, not if.

There was no further comment on exactly when it may be available as Maiorana said he didn’t want anything to dent sales for the Motorola Droid this summer. It could be that both T-Mobile and Verizon will be getting the iPhone which can only be good news for everyone.

For more on this go to Are you still holding on for a Verizon version of the iPhone 4 or are you tired of waiting and thinking of abandoning your carrier for AT&T to get an iPhone? Alternatively you may decide to get a Verizon Android phone? We’d be interested to hear what you think so please send us your comments.

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  • wxjames

    I'm done waiting. I'm making the switch and going to reserve my new iphone today. I'm in S. FLorida and att service is good. I've asked many people who have it and they say it's fine and don't have any more problems than any other carrier. Besides, it looks like att is ramping up their coverage and it will do nothing but get better and better. plus, had a friend go overseas and said thanks goodness he had att 'cause verizon was almost non-existant there.

  • Guest

    I'm tired of reading these wild accusations people are making. Iphone for verizon? Here let me make one since everyone else is. Bill Gates told me in an interview on the subway car that Apple is creating their iMac and macbook pro's to be able to run just windows vista and only Microsoft products. The Iphone is a GSM based phone! Do you really think Apple is going to remake the best phone on the market for Verizon to some old, outdated CDMA based system? Apple doesn't work that way, it's their way or no way at all. In order for this deal to happen, it's gonna take Verizon bending over backwards to make Apple happy. Verizon brands their logo on all their phones, Apple will not allow this to happen. Verizon doesn't allow voice and data at the same time, this is the whole point in having an iPhone. Take the plunge and switch to AT&T, it's not as bad as everyone tells you it is.

  • Bryce

    I have been a loyal Verizon customer ever since I got my first cell phone when I was 16 years old. I have loved them and never had a minutes trouble until I got into the smartphone market. I have been a blackberry user for the last 3 years and have been very excited to hear about a verizon iPhone coming. Since the WWDC and not hearing of a verizon iPhone I will be cancelling my verizon contract and going with a much better phone. True, android is a great platform. But HTC is still making the hardware and I have never been impressed with their products. The new android HTC phones feel cheap and I am sick of being unsatisfied with something I throw so much time, effort, and money with. AT&T service is fine where I live, 3g is much faster than verizon actually, and I am moving forward with the switch. I pre0ordered my iPhone 4 this morning at a best buy. Waited for 5 minutes. Sorry Verizon. Your loss for denying the iPhone in the first place.

  • michele

    I don't like the droid phones I am very loyal to apple and verizon, all I want is the iphone I have been waiting for how many years now? … I am considering leaving verizon for at&t… if this goes on for too much longer what other choice do verizon customers have we have two choices one wait for the iphone to come to verizon.. which is not promising… or just swich … of course I would love to stay with verizon if the iphone came to verizon many people would be happy and the sales would be like they have never seen before…

  • Dallas

    I have been a Verizon client for over 8 years. I got a Blackberry- and i'm sick of it. I have several friends with iPhones- and a few with Android phones. I almost bit when I saw the Droid phones- however- none of them looked as sexy as the iPhone- and now with the iPhone 4- the envy is even worse! My contract is up next month- and I have been seriously considering jumping ship. Verizon is good- but not that good to hold me- unless the lowered pricing, etc. The quality of the call seems to be similar to Verizon here in my town of Pensacola, FL- so that's not a factor. I have never had to deal with customer service- so I can't say that's a weak point. My decision is going to be based on my attraction to the iPhone. If I get a definite answer from VZ, that they are going to carry it in the immediate future (< 3 months) then I would stay- if not They may lose me.

  • Alex

    Yes! I am fed up with waiting for stubborn, egotistical CEOs to sit down and do a deal that should been done years ago! Yet again the consumer pays the price. I was all set to drop Verizon after years of loyal (out of contract) commitment and switch to the dark side (AT&T) and they go and drop unlimited data plans for new iPhone customers! And guess what, Verizon have mentioned also dropping this kind of contract! So if if I wait another year for a Verizon iPhone those guys will get me good on the back side!

  • Kelly

    I was a ATT customer since they where cingular wireless whom purchased ( Pacbell Wireless ) over ten years ago. I owned the first gen Iphone and then held out to upgrade for the 3gs 32gig iphone. 6 months ago I left ATT out of frustration with ATT for there lack of good cutomer service and the horrible voice quality over there 3g network. When I switched / before I did the store sales person at Verizon assured me they where getting ” apple phone “. So I went for it making him put in the notes of my account that I could upgrade to the ” apple device ” once it is released. I stated that it would most likly be december or a short while later. I am crossing my finger that it will not only be cdma but also 4g …. Seems like a reasonable desire for Apple to wait it out until Verizon can deliver the LTE network and CDMA for the areas that LTE is not set up for. If it does not come out by the first quarter of 2011 I willl be one pissed Verizon customer…. And the kicker of my leaving ATT was that i purchased the phone for 299 and sold it for over 600 minus the 300 i paid for it and the 150 early termination fee from ATT I actually made 150 of the deal. CANT WAIT FOR Iphone on Verizon.

  • Ryan

    I have been a Verizon customer for quite some time now… I switched over from Sprint (which was absolutely awful) and now I am very satisfied with my wireless service provider (Verizon). I have now been waiting for a Verizon iPhone for about 2 years and more than once now I've come "this" close (figuratively speaking ofcourse) to switching. My contract has been over for quite some time however I just re-newed it and purchased the HTC-Incredible (which rumor has it, is awesome). I know somebody who works way up in verizon and he told me that Verizon had the highest bid for all of the 4G cell towers so once 4G is launched, Verizon will get service "literally everywhere in the country, he said. He also mentioned how AT&T didn't have the money to bid for many of them so he doesn't even see how they'll launch 4G. Look, with the success of Android, Steve Jobbs will release an Iphone for other carriers to compete, because at this point Android is owning more of the Smart Phone market share, than apple is.. yes its safe to say Apple only makes 1 phone where as Android makes plenty, however Steve Jobbs has common sense, and common sense is telling him that he needs to make his device for other carriers if he wants to squash Android before it gets too popular…

  • jadissiel

    i'm tired of every one saying the iphone 4 is coming out to verizon. am a loyal customer of verizon and i just dont get it.why are they taking so long to just say if they are getting the iphone or not. we all waiting on the iphone 4. you know how many people at&t is going to lose if verizon gets it.. so verizon stop whit the maybe on july. and start giving anwers

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