Apple iPhone 4 Bumper Cases

Apple iPhone 4 Bumper Cases

By now you will all have heard about the newest iPhone, the iPhone 4, launched by Apple’s Steve Jobs at the WWDC 2010 on Monday. The release date is June 24, and all predictions so far are for massive sales, with the latest version of the iPhone receiving impressive first-impressions.

The iPhone has never before had HD Recording, Retinal Display or a gyroscope, which were just some of the new features, and another thing not seen before for the iPhone are official bumper cases. However Apple is really pushing the boat out this time before and the accessories for the iPhone 4 include colored bumper cases.

This was brought to our attention in an article by Alan Ng over on Product Reviews, sourced from Engadget. The new iPhone’s colors are either black or white, but the colored bumper cases will give color around the edges of the phone with the front and back clear. There are 6 colors available and judging from the photos they look pretty cool and will give your iPhone that added something at a cost of $29.

Do you like the look of the new bumper cases and would you be willing to pay $29 for one? We’d be interested to hear your thoughts on this.

Via: Product Reviews
Source: Engadget

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  • Bon Qui Qui

    I like them, but I will NOT pay $29 for them, that is too much for something that only covers the perimeter.

  • Kevin

    The new iPhone is so damn sexy, but as with all previous iPhones (and I've had them all), the protection cases that Apple offers ruin the beauty and thinness! And if they're advertising the hell out of this new sophisticated stainless steel band, why would we want to cover it with a tacky colored "bumper?" The least they could do is offer a stainless bumper. Nonetheless, I'll be at the Apple store on the 24th to pick up my iPhone 4, and I'll probably be getting the black bumper so I don't scratch my shiny new toy.

  • Jennifer

    i love apple but this is stupid if you want the truth. your phones are great but there is no way you could get me to pay 29 dollars for a case that only protects the sides and makes it look stupid. you expect people to buy this when they can buy the same or close to the same for 1/3 of the price

  • Lindy Hudack

    I don’t understand why Steve Jobs offer a free case for buyer here, can the new case solve antena problem?

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