iPhone 4 Review: Drawbacks – among them no Verizon, & its no Evo 4G

iPhone 4 Review: Drawbacks – among them no Verizon, & its no Evo 4G

We’ve posted a lot of articles about the newest iPhone, the iPhone 4, officially launched at WWDC 2010 yesterday in Steve Job’s keynote speech. First impressions of the iPhone 4 have all been positive. We’ve been taking a look at various aspects such as HD video, the Retinal Display and gyroscope, and also looked at a hands-on review, and so far everything’s looked pretty impressive.

However there always have to be some drawbacks with everything and sorry for all you Apple lovers, but we’ve found a few. We’re pretty sure it won’t put you off buying your iPhone and we’ll probably be in the queue too, but an article over on ChannelWeb by Andrew R. Hickey might make you think again.

There’s a list of 5 bummers about the iPhone 4 which goes into great detail but we’ll just take a glance through. One thing that’s been really popular is the arrival of FaceTime video calling but the snag here is it only works over Wi-Fi. Also it only works between two iPhone 4’s so you’ll have to make sure all your family have one too (shrewd move by Apple).

Another drawback is that the phone is still only available from AT&T. Before yesterday it seemed the whole of the U.S. was clamouring for a Verizon iPhone but it wasn’t to be (see here). Also earlier we told you about a comparison between the iPhone 4 and the HTC Evo 4G and as good as the new iPhone looks, it’s no Evo 4G from Sprint which has the advantage of being the first 4G phone to be able to run on a 4G network.

For full article go to ChannelWeb. If you want more details on the release of the iPhone 4 go here. Have you thought of any other drawbacks to the iPhone4 or are you completely impressed with what you’ve heard about it so far? We’d be interested to receive your comments.

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