WWDC 2010: Live Keynote Round-up and Times

WWDC 2010: Live Keynote Round-up and Times

If you’re reading this then you’ll already know that the tech event of the year begins tomorrow, Monday June 7 with the Apple WWDC 2010 in San Francisco, going through to June 11. The keynote will be made tomorrow by Steve Jobs and tickets for attending were sold out faster than ever this year.

As the keynote sadly is not televised live the next best thing is to look at the live blogging coverage and news to keep up with events as they unfold. If you go to Blogsdna an article by Sandip Dedhia helpfully lists 10 different sites giving live coverage. A few of them are MacRumorslive.com, engadget.com, and gizmodo.com. Earlier today though we told how Gizmodo have been banned from the keynote tomorrow (see here), so their live blog will be from other live blogs so to speak.

If you want to know start times for different time zones for the keynote here are a few. It’s 10:00 am for Pacific, 12:00 pm for Central, 1:00 pm for Eastern, 6:00 pm for London and 10:30 pm for Mumbai.

Everybody is expecting the release of the iPhone 4G and there’d be an awful lot of disappointed people if it’s not announced. We’ve already given an idea of what we expect from the keynote tomorrow and we’ve also given a recap of the iPhone details that we know so far. This morning we posted another article saying it looks as though the iPhone 4G will in fact be called the iPhone HD.

For more on this go to blogsdna.com. Will you be keeping up with the keynote live? We’ll certainly be trying to keep you up to dates with the stories as they emerge from WWDC 2010. We’d be interested to hear your thoughts about WWDC and what it may bring?

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